In tel Aviv, when a car bomb killed people

© AFP 2017 / Ahmad GharabliСотрудник law enforcement agencies of Israel. Archival photoIn tel Aviv, when a car bomb killed people© 2017 AFP / Ahmad Gharabli

One person was killed in the night of Thursday in the explosion of the car on the main highway to the Israeli town of tel Aviv, police said.

Law enforcement authorities called the incident a «criminal incident», eliminating the possibility of a Palestinian attack.

«The car explosion on the main highway in tel Aviv. The man died on the spot, the other was seriously injured,» — said police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld.

The incident occurred on multilane Ayalon highway is the busiest highway in tel Aviv, with exits on the main intercity route. Part of the road was temporarily closed to traffic.

In the photos that circulated, the police press-service, fully visible faded after the explosion of the car.