In the Caucasian nature reserve to find out whose leopard caught in Abkhazia

© RIA Novosti / Natalia Seliverstova. Archival photoIn the Caucasian nature reserve to find out whose leopard caught in Abkhazia© RIA Novosti / Natalia Seliverstova

Staff of the Caucasian state natural biosphere reserve named after H. G. Shaposhnikov find out whose leopard was caught in Abkhazia until information from them is not reported, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the reserve.

Earlier official representative the Ministry of natural resources Nikolay Gudkov has informed that Abkhazia caught one of the rare Persian leopard, released from the Sochi tree nursery.

«There is no information. Our employees are among the group that went there. There the specialists of the nursery of the national Park, and experts of the Moscow zoo, the Severtsov Institute – all located in Abkhazia. We still communicate with them do not have. No data from them were not received. They are there to determine our, not ours, what and how, and (leopard edition) fate,» — said the press service.

The Persian subspecies of the leopard lived on the territory from the North Caucasus to the red sea and from the Bosporus to Pakistan, but in the twentieth century its distribution has decreased significantly. In the Caucasus, the Persian leopard was once occupied almost all the mountain areas up to altitudes of about 4 thousand meters, and dwelt in the floodplain forests of large rivers.

The main reason for the almost complete disappearance of the leopard in the Caucasus was the destruction of its habitat.

At the initiative of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin launched a program to restore the Persian leopard in the Caucasus. The program was developed and approved by the Ministry of natural resources. The main goal of the program is to restore the sustainable leopard population in the Russian part of the Caucasus.