In the state Duma praised the intention of Ukraine to return Crimea

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura in fotobounce in the city of Yalta. Archival photoIn the state Duma praised the intention of Ukraine to return Crimea© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura the image Bank

The intention of the Ukrainian authorities to return Crimea to the Ukraine, which they expressed in the bill on the reintegration of Donbass – another bluff and unhealthy interpretation in relation Russian territory, said to RIA Novosti state Duma Deputy from the Crimea region Michael Sheremet.

Earlier it was reported that the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on issues of national security and defense included in the text of the bill on the reintegration of Donbass, the question of the «return of Crimea». Adopted in first reading the draft law, in particular, gives the President the right to use the armed forces in the Donbass in peacetime, to implement measures to ensure the country’s sovereignty. This will allow to legalize the use of the army in the East without a Declaration of war. Armed forces of Ukraine and are now taking part in a military operation in the Donbas, but Ukraine wants to regulate their use by law, as Kiev calls the military operation «anti-terrorism».

«This is another bluff. I am sure that this document is written under dictation of Western puppeteers, as Ukrainian politicians themselves untenable to do anything without guidance from the outside. Application for the return of the Crimea is their personal speculation, unhealthy interpretation in relation Russian territory. The plans that they draw about Crimea, is impossible, and even there is no hope for those dreams that they want to implement in the long term», — told RIA Novosti Sheremet.

According to him, the Russian status of Crimea is not subject to revision.

«We have no interest in what they do Ukrainian authorities and that they declare, just a pity the Ukrainian people», — said the Deputy.

Crimea became a Russian region after held there in March 2014 referendum in which 96.77% of voters of the Republic of Crimea and 95.6% of residents of Sevastopol voted for joining Russian Federation. Crimean authorities held a referendum after a coup in Ukraine in February 2014. Ukraine still considers Crimea its but temporarily occupied territory. The Russian leadership has repeatedly stated that the inhabitants of Crimea democratically in full compliance with international law and the UN Charter voted for reunification with Russia. According to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the Crimea issue «is closed permanently.»