In Ufa will judge doctors sterilized a disabled girl without her knowing

© Fotolia / Sebastian DudaВ the courtroom. Archival photoIn Ufa will judge doctors sterilized a disabled girl without her knowing© Fotolia / Sebastian Duda

The court of Ufa will consider criminal case concerning the head of the hospital, which instructed to sterilize a disabled girl without her knowledge, said in a message SK the Russian Federation across Bashkiria.

«The incident happened at hospital №13 of the Ufa in the Department of gynecology. The minor girl with cerebral palsy and incompetent, did surgery for medical sterilization», — told RIA Novosti the representative of the investigation.

According to the Department, to the doctors for this operation asked the guardian of the girl.

«Despite the absence of a document from the court to conduct sterilization operations, the head of the Department instructed the surgeon to the surgery and she assisted him,» — said the representative of SUCK.

He added that after surgery girl lost her reproductive organ.

«The criminal case about negligence against 57-year-old head of the gynecological Department of the hospital No. 13 submitted for consideration on the merits. The trial will begin on November 29,» say the investigators, noting that the accused does not admit his guilt.