Kaspersky has rejected allegations of cyberspying by the U.S.

© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova in fotomontagen in the office of Kaspersky Lab in Moscow. Archival photoKaspersky has rejected allegations of cyberspying by the U.S.© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova the image Bank

The founder of «Kaspersky Lab» Evgeny Kaspersky has denied accusations of US cyber-espionage and suggested that the scandal may be related to the fact that his company performs better than its work on the protection of personal data of their clients than American competitors.

About the virus said Thursday in a video interview to the German newspaper Die ZEIT.

«There is a feeling that we were just doing our job better than others, we protect our customers better than others,» said Kaspersky, adding that «it is possible that someone in the U.S. is very unhappy.»

In response to a direct question of the journalist, whether he is a Russian spy, a virus with a laugh said, «of course Not».

He also added that he sees no threat in the software of «Kaspersky Lab» for data security German users, «at least, not because of our products.»

U.S. DHS previously ordered all government agencies and related companies within three months to start implementing measures to end the use of the software «Kaspersky Lab» because they are, in the opinion of the Department, can be used to damage U.S. national security. In «virus» assured that the company does not provide any government in cyber espionage or hostile activities in cyberspace.

In the company of these accusations were denied and offered to provide us authorities with the source code of the software product. USA, in turn, welcomed the proposal, but called it insufficient.