Leonardo Da Vinci was sold for a record amount

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The picture of Leonardo Da Vinci’s «the Savior of the world» sold at Christie’s auction in new York for $ 400 million, the final cost with taxes and fees will amount to more than $ 450 million that became a record for works ever sold at auction, reports the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The only known paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci, who was in a private collection, became the main lot, not only auction of postwar and contemporary art, but also of the entire twenty-first century. At the auction she exhibited for $ 100 million.

In the struggle for the painting entered the five potential buyers, however, when the rates exceeded $ 200 million, there were two. The picture eventually went to a buyer, which by the end nearly a half-hour of trading, proposed for the canvas $ 400 million. Total cost (with taxes and fees of the auction) will be more than $ 450 million.

Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece Salvator Mundi achieves $450,312,500, a #worldauctionrecord for any work of art sold at auction. pic.twitter.com/snKxm7t3cb

— Christie’s (@ChristiesInc) 16 Nov 2017.

This amount is twice the record set also on auction at Christie’s in new York in 2015. Last year and a half the most expensive painting was considered a work of Pablo Picasso «the women of Algiers», which bought former Prime Minister of Qatar Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani, nearly $ 200 million. The winner of the «Savior of the world» Da Vinci auction representatives did not disclose.

The first mention of it relates to the collection of king Charles I of England (1600-1649). The next mention is from 1763, when the illegitimate son of count Carl of Buckingham Sheffield put a picture up for auction. Since then the painting has disappeared for nearly half a century, has not yet appeared in the collection of one of the richest men in England by Frederick cook. However, experts attributed the painting to the brush by the master’s followers, so it was modified and covered by new layers of paint.

In this form, with unknown authorship and forgotten Royal past, the painting was later bought by Sotheby’s for 45 pounds. Even 50 years later, in 2005, the picture was at the regional auction in the United States, where it was sold less than 10 thousand dollars. Since the picture was under the scrutiny of experts on the works of Da Vinci. Restoration work continued in new York for almost three years. Officially, the painting «the Saviour of the world», who was then in a private collection, was presented to the public at the National gallery of London in 2011.

It is believed that the painting «the Saviour of the world» (Salvator Mundi) was written around 1500. Some experts attribute the painting to Milan, Leonardo the late 1490’s, when they painted «the last supper». Others believe that the master worked on the «Savior of the world» in the same period as the portrait of «Mona Lisa» in Florence, where the artist moved in the year 1500.

In the world today less than 20 paintings, which belong to the brush of Leonardo Da Vinci. The wizard did not appeared on the market over a hundred years. Last time this happened was in 1908, when it was opened «Madonna and child» («Benois Madonna»), which belonged to the family of the architect Benois. In 1914, the painting was sold to the Hermitage.

In Christie’s decided to put a Da Vinci painting at the auction of postwar and contemporary art to emphasize the absolute uniqueness and relevance of the work. As if to confirm, among the lots there is a «Secret supper» but in the performance of the American artist Andy Warhol. The work of the founder of pop art, 1986 — interpretation of the masterpiece of Leonardo Da Vinci was sold for $ 63 million.