Medina called the main problems of the media

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A large number of false news (fake news) and a low level of training of journalists are the main media issues, said the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky during the VI International cultural forum.

«I’m afraid to be unpopular, it is clear that the press should praise, but the press praise especially not for that, frankly, because the number of problems exceeds the number and the quality of what we read and watch,» said Medina.

According to him, modern media publish a large number of «fake», false news without checking the information received. «I’m tired of fighting with history when writing news, lightning fast repost a huge amount of media, and then someone at number 290 will think to call the press service and ask if it was actually», — the Minister said.

According to him, «is a well-known syndrome, that all read «fake», but no one reads the rebuttal».

«This is a problem. Now say that news agencies ahead of the telegram channels, but the telegram channels are just «fake — 2″, erected in the absolute, 99% of their information is at best a fantasy, but it spreads and repost,» added Medina.

The second problem media official called «extremely low level of training of journalists, the level of incompetence (which) rolls.» «I’m not talking about the ability to press the keys quickly, and the ability to think about the journalist’s duty is to prepare for the writing material,» — said the Minister.

According to him, the most frequent questions he’s asked lately, become questions about the movie «Matilda» and on his dissertation.

«The future of media is in serious genre, everything else would go into the category of «fake», — said the Minister.

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