Russia and China will combine their efforts to create a combined vaccine against HIV

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Russian and Chinese scientists decided to combine their efforts to create a vaccine against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The relevant agreements were reached during the II International forum «Russia-China biomedical collaboration» (in the framework of the initiative «One belt and one road»), held 11-16 July in Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter the Great (Spbpu).

As told RIA Novosti head of the research laboratory of «Molecular Virology and Oncology» of SPbSPU, Professor Andrei Kozlov, talking about the creation of combined vaccines: it will include the Russian segment of DNA (DNA vaccine) and the Chinese component protein (booster). Thus, the vaccine, on which was to work with the scientists of the two countries will be a combination vaccine.

In 1997, the team of Professor Kozlov participated in the preparation and implementation of the first Russian program of HIV vaccine. Examining the molecular epidemiology of the early stages of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Russia and other countries of the former USSR, scientists have found a full-sized genomes of dominant in Russia, variants of HIV-1. They found that more than 90% of HIV infections in Russia are due to strains of HIV-1 belonging to the Eastern European varieties of subtype A, significantly different from strains of HIV-1 prevalent in Western Europe and North America and also in Africa.

It was proved that for 15 years of the epidemic (1995) the level of genetic diversity of subtype A strains in Russia remains low, allowing on the basis of prolongirovannomu the genome of the strain of HIV-1 subtype And create a series of plasmids capable of expressing four gene of HIV-1 in mammalian cells. This formed the basis for the development of the first national DNA vaccine against HIV, which is the first in Russia has passed phase I clinical trials.

«A DNA vaccine is a kind of platform on which you can build several vaktsinovye candidates», ‒ said Andrey Kozlov. In his opinion, the creation of a combined vaccine against HIV can be a powerful research project on cooperation between Russian and Chinese scientists, who decided to combine their practices into one.

Speaking about the necessity of conducting such studies, the scientist has cited statistics according to which living with HIV in Russia are between 700 thousand to 1 million people. «All these people should be provided free treatment, but now in our country treat only a quarter of that number, which costs about 20 billion rubles, and the treatment of all HIV-positive, the country requires more than 80 billion rubles,» ‒ he said.

The scientist added that the drugs pojiznenniy, their value is constantly increasing, but they do not cure the person but only transferred the disease to your timeline. «Obviously, the HIV vaccine will not do any country of the world,» he concluded.

The second international forum «Russian-Chinese biomedical cooperation» in the framework of the initiative «One belt and one road» aimed at the adaptation and introduction of new technologies in Biomedicine. For Spbpu it is a scientific priority in the framework of the Project 5-100.

The first such forum was held in Shanghai in June 2017 with the support of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation, the Administration of the Shanghai Association of Biomedicine, China etc. the Initiators of the event were the representative office of Spbpu in Shanghai and the business incubator of the SAE.

Then the Center was established the Russian-Chinese biomedical cooperation, designed to create innovative medical technologies, materials, equipment, and training of highly qualified personnel.