Russia lifts restrictions on deliveries of Belarusian «Zhlobinsky meat plant»

© Photo : Kizlyar Uritskiy Myasokombinat. Archive photoRussia lifts restrictions on deliveries of Belarusian «Zhlobinsky meat plant»© Photo : Kizlyar meat-packing plant Uritsky

The Rosselkhoznadzor on November 17 cancels temporary restrictions previously imposed on import of products of Belarusian «Zhlobinsky meat plant», reports the Russian Agency on Thursday.

In February, the Rosselkhoznadzor imposed temporary restrictions and additional requirements for the supply of four meat processing plants of Belarus due to gross violations of veterinary legislation. Among these companies were «Zhlobinsky meat plant».

«Rosselkhoznadzor from November 17, 2017 supersedes the previously imposed temporary restrictions on import to Russia of products of the enterprise «Zhlobin meat-packing plant», — is spoken in the message.

The company will again be able to supply Russia with beef and beef by-products, horse meat and by-products, horse fats, poultry meat and offal of poultry, prepared meat products from these types of meat fodder for unproductive animals.

The Rosselkhoznadzor has decided on the abolition of restrictions after reviewing the materials submitted by the Ministry of agriculture of Belarus on the fact of investigation of the reasons of violations of the requirements of the EEU and Russian meat-processing plant in the supply of its products to Russia.