Scientists have identified an unexpected risk of salt

© Flickr / Rebecca SiegelСоль. Archival photoScientists have identified an unexpected risk of salt© Flickr / Rebecca Siegel

A group of scientists from Germany, USA and Belgium learned that the abuse of table salt can harm the intestinal microflora of mammals, and subsequently lead to various diseases. The article about the study published on the website of the journal Nature.

The researchers examined the feces of mice fed food with high salt content, and found that they have decreased the number of bacteria Lactobacillus murinus, in connection with which animals could develop autoimmune encephalomyelitis and hypertension.

Along with this, a pilot study conducted among people, also showed that the use of salt in large quantities, there is a reduction in the number of bacteria, as well as an increase in the number of cells T-helper 17 type, which in such quantities lead to hypertension.

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