Smoking and alcohol accelerate human aging, scientists say

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Drinking large amounts of alcohol and tobacco does, in fact, that people are starting to get old on the outside and look much older than his years, doctors say in an article published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health.

«We were the first to show that alcohol and cigarettes accelerate the emergence of those features in the appearance of the face and body of a person, are usually associated with old age. As a result, fans of tobacco and alcohol look much older than his age. This may be due to the fact that she and the other habits can accelerate the aging of the whole body,» said Anne Shaw (Anne Schou) from the University of southern Denmark in Copenhagen.

In the last decade in scientific press there were a few dozen studies, the authors declared the existence of a relationship between alcohol consumption in any form and the development of cancer in several organs.

For example, in 2010, scientists showed that drinking large quantities of beer can accelerate the development of colon cancer in 2011 and 2013 – revealed link between alcohol and breast cancer. Other observations showed that the combination of tobacco and alcohol exacerbates the carcinogenic effect of the latter.

Shaw and her colleagues uncovered another negative effect of drinking large amounts of alcohol and cigarettes, after analyzing the data collected in the course of a long observation of the health of the heart and blood vessels, which were conducted among inhabitants of Copenhagen from 1976 to 2003.

Social services of Denmark, who conducted these observations should not only for the health of the circulatory system are about 11 thousand of the Danes, but also collected a variety of information about their appearance, diet and bad habits. This allowed the scientists to assess how the use of large amounts of tobacco and alcohol affects the health of the Danes.

In addition to the typical changes in the liver, lungs and other organs, scientists noticed several unusual things specific to heavy smokers and binge drinkers. For example, many of them were so-called corneal arcs – deposits of cholesterol and other fats in the cornea and yellowish plaque on the eyelids and in other parts of the skin, and the wrinkles on your earlobes.

On average, eating over 350 grams of pure alcohol per week increased the likelihood of all these anomalies is approximately 33-35% among men and among women. Similar changes were observed among smokers, vucurevich more than 20 cigarettes Deen for several decades.

Interestingly, all these changes in the form of a man, as the researchers note, are usually characteristic of quite another category of people – the elderly and the carriers of various genetic defects that makes people age prematurely and die in his youth. Accordingly, it suggests that the abuse of alcohol and tobacco do ages the human body, and this can manifest as fear researchers, not only outside but also inside.Smoking and alcohol accelerate human aging, scientists say© RIA Novosti, Infografica alternative ways of Smoking