The journalist accused the American Senator Franken harassment

© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Gornostaev York. Archival photoThe journalist accused the American Senator Franken harassment© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Gornostaev

Model, commentator and host of the American TV channel KABC Leanne Tweden in an open letter accused the US Senator from Minnesota al Franken in the harassment more than a decade ago.

According to her, the incident occurred in 2006, two years before the election of Franken Senator at the time, the future politician was known as a showman and presenter, including for the transfer of «Saturday night live» on NBC.

According to Toiden of harassment took place during a joint visit to the middle East group of artists and entertainers that have spoken with entertainment for American servicemen.

Tweden said that Franken invited her to play in a comic episode, the script of which they were about to kiss, and insisted on «the rehearsal.» After receiving consent after long begging, he grabbed the back of my neck Taiden and «aggressively» kissed her. The presenter writes that immediately pushed him up and tried to communicate with him, and in return received from him the «petty insults».

On the way back to the military transport plane Toiden fell asleep on the seat in a military helmet and a bulletproof vest. After returning to the US Toiden showed the photo, which shows how Franken with both hands grabs her breast. According to the statement Tweden, she was outraged and humiliated to such treatment. The photo she attached to his open letter.

«I wanted to shout this story to the megaphone to hear the whole world, all who want to hear. But no matter how evil I was, I was worried about the possible adverse reactions and the damage that a public statement could cause my career of the presenter. But that was then. Now I’m not afraid anymore,» said Tweeden.

Franken has not yet responded to the statement by the presenter.

In the United States in recent months there have been a number of scandals with allegations of harassment. In particular, the accusations led to the actual termination of the career of actor Kevin spacey and famous producer Harvey Weinstein. Under the court is the actor bill Cosby.

The Republican party is seeking withdrawal from the political arena of their own party candidate for the Senate from Alabama Roy Moore, who is accused of assaulting seven women.