The little theatre will show «the old lady’s Visit»

© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikova fotobanka in the Maly theater. Archival photoThe little theatre will show «the old lady’s Visit»© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikovite the image Bank

The little theatre on Thursday on the main stage will present the premiere of the play «the old lady’s Visit» by Friedrich dürrenmatt, which has put the Israeli Director Ilan Ronen; starring people’s artist of Russia Lyudmila Titov and Vasily Bochkarev, reported in a press-service of the theatre.

Ilan Ronen, the former artistic Director of the famous theatre «Habima,» has met with the troupe of the Maly theater, where in 1990, the year he staged «Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme» of Moliere.

Ronen offer to stage the play at the Maly this time came from the art Director of theatre, people’s artist of the USSR Yuri Solomin.

«I recently resigned as artistic Director of the theater «Habima» and I had some free time to work in theatres around the world,» — said on the eve of the premiere of Ilan Ronen.

According to the Director, in discussing the possible pieces for performances, Solomina most of all was «the old lady’s Visit».

«Money is power and strength. You can buy anything, including justice. One of the important issues of the play «the old lady’s Visit» — what price are willing to pay society for material benefits,» said Ronen.

With regard to the selection of the troupe, then, according to the Director, he knows her not as good as the troupe of «Habima», but still met some of the artists. For example, with Lyudmila Titova, who performs in the new play the main role, he has worked in 1990-m to year.

«I work with professionals and hope that they are happy to solve the problem, which I placed in front of them. I to a lesser extent, work with realism on stage. I like the hidden symbols and hints. And that’s what I want from the actors,» said the Director.

In the play «the old lady’s Visit» the busy artists Alexander Klyukvin Vladimir Nosik, Basil, Dakhnenko, Victor Grassroots and others.