«Twenty-one, still depressed: what killed the Internet star rapper Lil Peep

© Frame from the clip «Girls» rapper Lil PeepLil Peep the clip Girls«Twenty-one, still depressed: what killed the Internet star rapper Lil Peep© the frame of the clip «Girls» rapper Lil Peep

The idol of the students and the star YouTube, American rapper Lil Peep died in hospital just before the concert in Tucson, Arizona. The musician was only 21 years old. Previously two versions — drug overdose or opioid analgesic fentanyl in combination with a fake sedative Xanax. Video from a tour bus, which depicted a pale Lil Peep — allegedly at the time of overdose, appeared on Instagram of his friend, but was soon removed. RIA Novosti understands how the Internet became a platform of life and death the stars of the new generation.

Interview/shoot I recently did with @highsnobiety https://t.co/djJCcCk7jz pic.twitter.com/Iv8b0dOmz6

— GOTH ANGEL SINNER (@Lilpeep) 19 Oct 2017

His career, like life, was quick. The name Lil Peep (actually the musician’s name was Gustav Ar) appeared on the radars of people on YouTube and SoundCloud in 2015, when the rapper posted his first mixtape «Lil Peep Part One». The recording was not a resounding success: during the first week of listening to it four thousand times. But it was enough to budding hip-hop artist noticed. He released the mini-album «the feelz» and mixtape «Live Forever». And in 2016, drew the attention of the tracks «Cry Baby» and «Hellboy». In September, Gustav finally reached the large form — released their first full album, «Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 1».

The contractor was head to toe covered in tattoos, changing hairstyle and hair color in almost every clip and was a fan of Russian designer Gosha Rybchinskogo. Music critics called him «emo hip hop», despite this unusual for this subculture looks. His style is dark text and instrumental music, characteristic of the Gothic style.

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Publication by MARIO TESTINO (@mariotestino) 2017 Sep 4 at 8:58 PDT

Fans of the flamboyant rapper was well aware of his addiction in its tracks Lil Peep openly confessed to using cocaine, LSD, mushrooms and reassuring for 20 tablets daily. In social networks, the rapper has also repeatedly complained about the fans on depression. In early November he published in the Twitter account: «Twenty-one, still depressed, pray for me.» The musician was treated from this disease, by his own admission, using marijuana and other illegal substances.

21 still depressed pray for me:)

— GOTH ANGEL SINNER (@Lilpeep) November 1, 2017.

However the rapper, who called himself «a productive addict,» has urged fans not to follow his example. Among his fans many young people — including the Russian students. In March this year, Lil Peep gave a concert in Moscow, and removed here the video for the song «Benz Truck». He was eager to walk around and young stars local rap scene — twenty years and Face the Pharaoh. They were among the first responded to the death of the musician, reminding the fans that «drugs are evil». Not remained aloof and the heavyweight of Russian rap!!, which also warned users from use of opiates.

Not romantisize death, do not attract attention this way, death is scary, though of course, I swear that life is beautiful

— FACE (@faceguccigang) 16 Nov 2017.

Judging from the tweet Manager star chase Ortega, the message about the death of Lil Peep was not a surprise to his entourage. Each actor admitted that he has «been waiting for this news for the past year.» However, despite the difficult psychological state, Lil Peep really worked incredibly active: almost every month, delighted the audience with new tracks and videos on YouTube, actively communicated with fans on social media and at concerts, sharing with fans intimate feelings and details of his personal life. So, this August, Lil Peep announced on Twitter about his bisexuality.

Just a day before the death of the musician posted a photo with the speech with the prophetic caption «You’ll love me when I die.» The fans immediately started writing idol words of support. But still online-love was not enough to save a young rapper from self-destruction. Star Lil Peep burned as quickly as it kindled. Ironically, the last moments of his life also became the Internet.