«United Russia» responded to the report of TI on bailout parties

© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable in photobacteria United Russia. Archival photo«United Russia» responded to the report of TI on bailout parties© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable the image Bank

In the «United Russia» rejected claims of Transparency International about the shady financing of the party and said that they accept funds for their activities only from those organizations which comply with the Russian legislation, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the Central Executive Committee of the party on Thursday.

Transparency International Russia on Thursday issued a report on the financing of political parties and election campaigns «Money for elections», which examines the process of obtaining funding parties and candidates from state and commercial structures.

«The party accepts financial assistance only from organizations that meet the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation. In case of revealing the fact of receipt of financial assistance from organizations that do not meet the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, the funds in the appropriate size returned», — said the press service.

They also stressed that information on legal entities providing financial support to the party, «is publicly available and disclosed in the report of the «United Russia», which manifests the CEC of Russia».

Transparency International Russia — Russian branch of the international organization for the fight against corruption Transparency International, which advocates for the prevention of corruption by ensuring the effectiveness of anti-corruption mechanisms. Transparency International is funded mainly through grants from governments, particularly the United States, Germany, Britain, and the European Commission and private foundations such as the Agency for international development (USAID), national endowment for democracy (NED), Soros Foundation.

In April 2015, the Ministry of justice has included Transparency International Russia to register as «foreign agents», arguing that foreign-funded organization engaged in political activities.

The main leaders of Transparency International suspect, particularly in relations with the American CIA and British intelligence MI-6. So, the founder of TI, Peter eigen had previously worked as a consultant to the Ford Foundation, which accused that he is the «roof» of the CIA, and the Carnegie endowment for international peace — the other a «screen» of American intelligence. The American branch of the organization was founded by Michael Hershmann, a former military intelligence officer, the second person in USAID who now leads the anti-terrorist Department at the U.S. chamber of Commerce.