Inspector vs rowdy: district of the dead, risk and serials

© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova in photobacteria police Lieutenant Anatoly Rabkin during routine rounds in MoscowInspector vs rowdy: district of the dead, risk and serials© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova the image Bank

«Open up, police!» — the phrase, which many feel uneasy. However, district police officers can come to residents not only some kind of statement, but just to meet you. Correspondents of RIA Novosti’s Day precinct police asked three representatives of the profession from different cities, than have to sacrifice for the sake of work, why their service is not like the TV series and how to become the best among the best.

Muscovite Anatoly and intuition

District Commissioner of police Anatoly Rabkin working in this position for more than five years. To be a policeman in his youth, he didn’t wanted to become a driver of a passenger train, ride in long-haul flights.

«The neighbors went to knock — no answer. Called carpenters, representatives of the Department of state property, because the apartment belongs to the city, and us, because you need to hack the door, — says the policeman. — Opened, entered and see that the bed lies a mummy. In the next room — another. Women died of natural causes, what happened is unclear. We ask neighbors: «Surely even no odor is not felt?» Say: «Sometimes it reeked of something foul, but OK, tolerable». In the fridge we found food, dated 2009. And we came to this house in 2015″.

Arabkin tries to keep statistics, how many lives were saved: «many of the situations that come at a time when an aggressive drunken husband, for example, breaks the door, and behind it is hiding a scared woman with a child. Or when you separate two pensioners — one of them is trying to score another crutch. Like «domestics», but who knows what would have happened if I had not come?

After 11th grade, she graduated from Krasnodar University of the interior Ministry. In one of the toughest areas of the city, the district Inna Azova has been running for nine years and the service, she says, already knows the «inside out». On the site, which is responsible Inna, there are several educational institutions, lots of small shops, night clubs. Most often offenders here kidnap someone else’s property and do business without permission. Only from the beginning of 2017, the district made up 69 administrative protocols. By November in this part of the city was committed 12 crimes, most of which has already been solved.

© Photo : Svetlana Virilocally Commissioner of the Central district of Krasnodar Inna AzovaInspector vs rowdy: district of the dead, risk and serials© Photo : Svetlana Virilocally Commissioner of the Central district of Krasnodar Inna Azova

«Most interesting for me is communication with people. In the assigned administrative area I have to deal with alcoholics, brawlers, those who have mental illness, persons consisting on the preventive account. With each of them it is important to choose your style of communication so people understood what was wanted of him, to be able to guide him on the right path», says Azov, adding that the work often have to apply the skills of a psychologist.

«For starters, it is important to understand the person, his desires, what he expects. When it becomes clear to understand how to conduct a dialogue with him — says Inna. — I often give the example of a worse situation than the one faced by the people. Usually it is alarming. A person begins to think that in future it can not behave».

Inna said that a few years ago in her garden there lived a mother suffering from alcoholism. She is one «educated» to their three children without a husband. Appeared regularly on the street in a drunken state. The district held a conversation with her and threatened that she may lose the children.

«Managed to find some key, to connect the skills of a psychologist and make an impression on a mother. She went for treatment, and now I know that alcoholism is not suffering, leads a normal life and proper like raising children,» — says Inna.

The duty of the precinct is between 8:00 and ends at 22:00. The day starts with meetings and planning meetings, and then of Azov makes door to door, talking to people, accepts and considers applications, conducts reception of citizens and working with those who costs on the account. Sometimes, if you want, come to work on weekends and public holidays.

Inna house is switched with a strict inspector for a wife and mother: «my Husband belongs to the understanding. Four-year-old daughter is also very proud of me. She’s learning to March through his room and tells all their friends that «mom is struggling with criminals.»

On the work computer of the precinct hangs a child’s drawing. «Come home, my daughter always asks if I’m tired, — says Inna. And the best rest for me is time spent with my family.»

Ambitious Anton from Nizhny Novgorod

Anton Kulikov entered the service in bodies of internal Affairs relatively recently — in 2014. It is also not planned to be a district, saw himself in the criminal investigation, only graduated from the Russian Academy of justice once came to the training. Paperwork was delayed, and he was offered temporary work as a district to continue the internship. Anton says that reacted to the proposal skeptically, but got into a good team and decided to stay.

© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the regional Umudugudu Commissioner of police Anton Kulikov Inspector vs rowdy: district of the dead, risk and serials© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the regional Umudugudu Commissioner of police Anton Kulikov

Your first day in the Department Kulikov remembers to minutes. «I helped, and. It was difficult, but I wanted to join as soon as possible. Just a few months I was like all like half my life I’ve worked here,» he continues.

The area of responsibility of the district is a large district with a «Uselove» in Nizhny Novgorod. And in the next five years, a young employee of the place of service is not going to change. «The plot seems to be quite normal, and the residents of the neighborhood in the bulk is positive, responsive, concern with understanding and often help — confessed Anton. — Often turn to the police regarding domestic disputes, family quarrels, complaining neighbors due to noise or spills. But, of course, have to deal with more serious crimes. For example, with thefts, robberies, fights that end in injury or even murder.»

© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the regional Umukabia weekdays precinctInspector vs rowdy: district of the dead, risk and serials© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the regional Umukabia weekdays precinct

Thanks citizens, I am sure Anton, only spur you to work better: «When you come and say a simple: «Thank you, you helped us a lot», there is a sense of pride that I want to continue, despite the difficulties, continue to solve crimes and prevent violations. While all turns out.»

In the fall of Anton Kulikov was the winner of the regional stage of the contest «people’s precinct — 2017». He believes that for the successful operation of the most basic — the desire to work.

In his spare time, Anton is reading legal literature to be aware of legislative changes: «Because the work of the precinct is not just to accept the application, conduct checking on it, but if anything the job of the police is not included, it should be the same person directly to send in the body where this question should be addressed».