«Martian city» in Dubai will be built in 2.5 years

© RIA Novosti / Anna Cherevatova. Archival photo«Martian city» in Dubai will be built in 2.5 years© RIA Novosti / Anna Chernova

The project «Martian city» Mars Scientific City in Dubai, which will be feigned by the conditions of life on the red planet, will be completed in 2.5 years, said the representative of the space Agency of the UAE Mohammed Nasser al-Ahbabi.

As previously reported, the «Martian city» where scientists and engineers will study the conditions of life on Mars will be more than 170 thousand square meters, it cost 500 million dirhams (about 136 million). Images of the project that have previously appeared on the Internet, seen a few domes located in the desert. Inside them is human dwellings and gardens.

According to the interlocutor of the edition Khaleej Times, the budget and the construction project has been defined, the project will be implemented «in 30 months.»

While construction will use innovative technology. The project will be the laboratory on issues of food, energy, water, their preservation, and the laboratory in which the research will be conducted on agricultural crops. In addition, in the «city» will build the Museum and research centers.

Last year, the UAE authorities announced plans to build a city on Mars by 2117 and send people there.

«The space sector in the UAE will facilitate the growth of knowledge-based economy and to position us as a leader in cutting-edge technologies,» said al-Ahbabi.