Names of top Russian students will be announced in the international student day

© Photo : Russian Soyuz Monodeiodination national award student of the year 2017 in the Crimea. 16 Nov 2017Names of top Russian students will be announced in the international student day© Photo : Russian Union of Youth

The whole world will celebrate on Friday the international student day. In Russia this day is called the best students – national prize «student of the year» award for future scientists, athletes, journalists and social activists. How is the selection for the best, RIA Novosti said the organizers of the contest and last year’s winners.

Award «student of the year» established by the Russian Union of youth (RUY) and the Ministry of education and science of Russia. This year for participation in competition of applications filed more than 5 thousand people. In the final, which is taking place these days in Crimea the Federal University of a name of V. I. Vernadsky, were about 200 participants from 62 regions of the Russian Federation.

«The main goal is to find the best students in the field of science, art, sports, journalism, youth policy, student leadership and social activities,» — said RUY Chairman Pavel krasnorutsky.

As told the head of the RSM, two outright winners, one of whom will be a student of a University and another College, will receive 150 thousand rubles. 11 winners in various categories will be given 30 thousand rubles, 26 winners to 20 thousand. Krasnorutsky said that the cash prizes the winners can spend on their education at any Russian University.

Rigorous selection

According to Krasnorutskiy, before the final award has selected 200 people, members throughout the country held regional and correspondence selection.

«The award participants competed in 13 categories, which will determine the most creative, sporty and active students. They will be invited to present themselves, compete in public speaking skills and be prepared for the special tasks for each category,» — said the Director of the award the Irene Brown.

Evaluated the boys according to her, 40 experts and jury members from among the heads of public organizations, Executive authorities, major Russian companies such as Rosatom and RUSAL, as well as well-known journalists and cultural figures.

In the course of the competition will be selected 26 award winners, took the prize-winning second and third places in their categories. 11 guys took first place in their respective categories will be declared winners, but all the credit will go to the two winners of the Grand Prix award.

To obtain the Grand Prix, successful completion of standard jobs isn’t enough. In addition, the party must show high academic achievements, achievements in scientific research and social activities, mass cultural and sports events. In addition, the need to successfully implement your own project.

Impressions of the winners

The winner in the nomination «journalist of the year-2016» Yulia Redkina told that the competition in the competition was high and the victory unexpected.

«Of course, the phrase «I did not expect» quite jaded, but this is the case only when it correctly describes the situation in this contest. Our team was so strong and experienced journalists that predict winner was just simply impossible», — shared memories Redkina.

The winner of the Grand Prix award 2016 Alexander Khusainov told that I could participate in the competition only at the second attempt, because in 2015 just forgot to send the application on time.

«I simply missed the deadlines for applications for the award. Sent in a year. Now you know all that is done — all the better. I have had worthy opponents from different regions of Russia. I think that all happened due to the fact that before the jury I was myself and gave it everything for the victory» – he said.

Permanent member of jury of the award, the Executive Director of the Foundation for support of copyright holders Natalia Goydenko, in turn, noted that the grateful contest for a chance to meet the best representatives of Russian studentship.

«I would like to mention that the Russian national award «student of the year» is one of the few competitions that really affect the future of students. Last year I was approached by the winner of the award «student of the year 2015″ Valentine Soldiers and said a word of gratitude for what this award has changed his life – he had many job offers and different perspectives,» said Goydenko.