One hundred liters of «blood» filming the black Comedy «Dad, drop dead» in Moscow

© Film company «White mirror» / Gennady Iframecounter Alexander Kuznetsov. Archival photoOne hundred liters of «blood» filming the black Comedy «Dad, drop dead» in Moscow© Film company «White mirror» / Gennady Avramenko

Great movie debutant Kirill Sokolov shoots in Moscow, black Comedy, the script for which he wrote himself. The genre is not very popular among Russian Directors, and understand, ready to bloody phantasmagoria of the audience, is difficult. The RIA Novosti correspondent has visited on shootings and learned how the project came about, what was expected of him, the creators and what they do with used fake blood.

The complex of buildings of the former factory in the East of Moscow has long been visited by filmmakers. Shoot here and TV shows, and feature films. At the entrance to the hangar with tape affixed ad «do not slam the Door! Go shooting!». Inside the life-size built a real apartment with hallway, bathroom, kitchen, rooms. Here is shot of black Comedy with the working title «the Pope, die» about the difficult relationship in one separately taken family. Daughter hates dad-operative, which I love and colleagues who in your life has lots of unexpected discoveries.

The film is not even finished, but about it already speak for the fact that his Director of photography — Dmitriy Ulyukaev, the son of ex-Minister of economic development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev, who is accused of corruption.

«He said, «There is, however, a lot of violence, harsh humor, but you still read it». I have read and it was love at first sight», adds Sofiko. «To explain and retell black humor is difficult, I would say, impossible. Blood flowed first from the pages of the scenario, now the frame. For these shots we used more than 100 litres,» the unabashedly continues.

The film is partly financed by the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. «25 million roubles of 65 million we have allocated the Ministry of culture, we were able to convince them that our film will be the audience, bright, original. Besides in the genre of black Comedy, we have not removed, this will be the first in recent years,» adds Kiknavelidze.

«Next year the movie will be released on the screens, now see the interest of some international and Russian festivals, let’s see how everything goes,» says the producer.

A casting call for the role in this unusual film, too, was held. Someone approved at once, someone was tormented by six months, collecting fine ensemble cast.

The pavilion in the warm coat over the entire blood-stained shirt included starring actor Vitaly Hai.

«What are you all smiling? You don’t like the shirt?» — he addresses to others. He looks really somewhat comical — on the face of the already done makeup, nose smeared «blood» on the clothes is almost no place where there would be red liquid.

«The script I really liked, it is so cleverly written, with such reckless detachment! So quietly had subscribed to this story, it was fascinating to me. This is very unusual, exciting,» says the actor.

«Bear suffering», nodding in the direction of the set, the actor, referring to his colleague, Mikhail Gorevoy, which at the moment is standing in a puddle of «blood».

«I would not like to disclose the secret of the script, but the «dad» got in trouble, and don’t really want to see on this earth», — Hai laughs and adds, «understatement, actually, apparently, nobody wants to see him on this earth».

He, like the producer immediately became interested in the picture: «After a conversation with Cyril, I realized that the film had ready in my head, all the scenes storyboarded. There were little questions about the nature of the character, reading the scenes».

«I can’t tell from this work out — all very unusual. I’ve never starred in such projects,» concludes Hays.

Drama inside

— Now the blood’s feet!

— The blood should be restored, and then you’re removed.

We in the basin collect, can in the second round, only through a sieve, or what?— discussing the fate of the collected scoop red Gigi assistants at the site.

«The question here is not blood, and its not so much wildly — it’s not for the sake of it. Inside a good dramatic story, which raises important problems,» — says his idea Director Kirill Sokolov.

In his opinion, «there are several ways to make a movie when you want to tell something important and topical».

© Photo : Film company «White mirror» / Gennady AbramenkovaOne hundred liters of «blood» filming the black Comedy «Dad, drop dead» in Moscow© Photo : Film company «White mirror» / Gennady Abramenkova

«At the same time the question arises — to make a movie for a wide audience, to entertain, to please, to in the process he does not become sad and do not want to hang on the exit of the cinema. Accordingly, start thinking how to combine it all within the genre, what theme to add that led to this Comedy «exename» the key,» continued Sokolov.

«Could this story be resolved quite differently. All without the blood, without humor, and she also would have worked. But it would be just hard — it would be black, dark, oppressive film,» said the newcomer.

The Director believes that the genre of black Comedy are now popular, including in Russia. «There is an inner need and the audience, and the authors seem to reflect reality. But if you do it in a straight line, it can get total darkness and depression. Here, in order to get away from this, it is necessary to approach the problem with great irony and humor. So there is a black Comedy,» says Sokolov.

© Photo : Film company «White mirror» / Gennady Atramentarius Sophiko KiknavelidzeOne hundred liters of «blood» filming the black Comedy «Dad, drop dead» in Moscow© Photo : Film company «White mirror» / Gennady Atramentarius Sophiko Kiknavelidze

«Well, for example, kill the hero, you can not spill a drop of blood, and it will be supergrote and hard. And you can pour it from 100 liters of blood, and then this death is perceived to be a caricature, there is another effect,» adds the author.

He says that «the film is in any case not limited to the stated genre, it will be very much sad, very many touching moments.»

«For me it’s all a personal story with a lot of pain points that are relevant to me, to my environment. In the scenario laid a strong dramatic potential, which the viewer would be easy to see and get a feel for liters of blood, which will actually be a bit. From tears to laughter and from laughter to tears» — hopes the falcons.

«I very much hope that the viewer will want to see this movie,» concludes the Director.