One of the opposition leaders of Venezuela fled to Colombia

© AFP 2017 / Federico Raghuvanshi of the National guard of Venezuela at the Supreme court building in Caracas. Archival photoOne of the opposition leaders of Venezuela fled to Colombia© 2017 AFP / Federico Parra

One of the leaders of the Venezuelan opposition, former mayor of Caracas Antonio ledezma moved to Friday the border and is now in the territory of Colombia, the former Colombian President andrés Pastrana.

In 2015, Ledesma was arrested at the city hall of Caracas. Authorities accused him of involvement in a coup attempt against the President. Until recently he was under house arrest.

«Welcome to freedom, Antonio ledezma! That’s the best he could do. We need you at liberty to protect freedom, human rights and democracy, not prisoners of narcotically,» Pastrana wrote in his microblog on Twitter.

How Ledesma got on the territory of the neighboring country, now set the intelligence services of Venezuela. According to some, employees of the intelligence service Sebin is already in the house of the opposition.

Escape Ledesma confirmed by the Secretary-General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro. «My regards to Antonio Ledesma, moral example for Venezuela. Now he is free to lead the struggle from exile for the restoration of the democratic system of his country,» wrote Almagro in his microblog on Twitter.