So Italy should become a neutral state outside military blocs, said Chiesa

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Notrocketscience journalist and social activist Giulietto Chiesa during visit to Moscow. Archival photoSo Italy should become a neutral state outside military blocs, said Chiesa© RIA Novosti / Alexander Natruskin

A new political organization that will participate in the upcoming spring of 2018 parliamentary elections in the Apennines called «List of people for the Constitution» (CPC), created by several prominent representatives of Italian civil society.

Among the founding fathers of a new political force, which expects to receive the results of the General elections serious representation in the national Parliament, became a well-known journalist and public figure, ex-MEP Giulietto Chiesa, a famous fighter against mafia, former Deputy Prosecutor of Palermo, Antonio Ingroia, General of the carabinieri retired Nicolo Gebbia and prominent lawyer Sandro Diotallevi.

«The need for our socio-political organization is primarily due to the fact that none of the existing parties do not reflect the real interests of the Italian people. Today we can speak about a genuine collapse of the major political forces of our country. No wonder, according to the latest polls, about half of Italian voters did not intend to vote in future elections,» — said on Friday in an interview with RIA Novosti Chiesa.

«Now being formed coalition of right-wing forces led by former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the populist leader of the «League» Matteo Salween split because of internal contradictions immediately after the elections. The ruling Democratic party entered into a deep dive and going through a series of splits, its popularity among voters has been steadily declining. Finally, the «Movement 5 stars», which now claim status as the leading political force of Italy, in the last days, has drastically changed its position on a number of fundamental issues, including foreign policy, openly standing on the side of the United States. This will necessarily entail serious consequences, including, in the election,» he said.

«In this situation we had no choice but to offer an alternative program, which must meet the fundamental interests of the majority of our compatriots», — said the Agency interlocutor.

Chiesa noted that the creators of SNK are going in the near future as widely as possible to publicize the provisions of its program to represent an alternative point of view on socio-economic policy of Italy and its position on key international issues.

«Speaking about foreign policy, which we intend to pursue, I want to particularly highlight one position. We will require a complete revision of all the main European agreements, participant of which is now Italy, including the Maastricht Treaty, which marked the beginning of the EU because they violate our Constitution. If Brussels will oppose it, we are ready to unilaterally withdraw from these agreements,» he said.

«We are deeply convinced that Italy has no enemies, and therefore she should not participate in any international sanctions, including against Russia. In our opinion, Italy should become a neutral state outside military blocs», — said Chiesa.

According to the politician, the founders of the CPC appeal to all Italians who participated in various forms of democratic activity recently, in particular, in the December constitutional referendum in 2016, after which the leader of the democratic party Matteo Renzi was forced to resign as Prime Minister of Italy.

Chiesa noted that in conditions of acute socio-economic crisis, when the traditional parties do not represent the interests of the majority of citizens, many voters are totally disillusioned with the existing political system.

«We appeal to these people — the workers, youth, pensioners. We want to give an alternative to those who do not feel represented their interests in politics and such — millions. With their help we intend to change the status quo and to ensure that all articles of the Constitution were fully implemented. This is truly a revolutionary program, despite the fact that the observance and protection of the Basic law of our country, according to recent polls, require about 60% of Italians» — said the source RIA Novosti.

Chiesa also said that when creating the SNK we are talking about self-organization of civil society, whose members are deeply concerned about the grave situation in which is now Italy.

«We offer people specific, realistic, and strong program to save our country. And in this case we expect many thousands of women and men who are distinguished by competence, honesty and courage,» concluded a famous politician.