Sobchak believes that US attempts to interfere in Russian elections have no value

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in Photobacterium Ksenia Sobchak after the press conference, devoted to her candidacy for President of Russia in the upcoming presidential elections. Archival photoSobchak believes that US attempts to interfere in Russian elections have no value© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, who announced his intention to run for presidential elections in 2018, believes that the Russians are smart enough and US attempts to influence the elections in Russia cannot succeed.

«In any event you just need to separate the important from the insignificant, and was attended by Americans, or whether they tried to influence the election… of course they’re trying to do, and we saw the facts we presented, and so on. If it had some value? I think not. You understand that this is a very, shall we say, gebistsko logic to assume that someone from the outside — that is, there is some external enemy that came our people poor, stupid somehow pricked up his forgiving power, and now we have a problem with that. People are smart enough in our country to ourselves to understand what is happening,» said Sobchak reporters on Friday.

She noted that the force from the «outside» is always there and this is a confrontation of any great powers that will work for your interests. «But not because of them, we have a problem in the country, not Donald trump, not because of America, not because of their ambition for world domination and not because of the spies of the CIA», — said Sobchak.

In her opinion, the protest actions in Moscow «was CIA spy». «Of course, Yes, I think so. And, of course, they were there. Do I think that because of the spies, the CIA happened to the Swamp? Of course not — this is complete nonsense,» — said Sobchak.

In the riots on Bolotnaya square that occurred in may 2012, dozens of people were injured and over 400 were arrested. The organizers of the riots — Sergei Udaltsov and Leonid Razvozzhayev — previously received 4,5 years of a colony, the members sentenced to lesser terms.

Several of the defendants were pardoned, and one sent for compulsory psychiatric treatment. Supporters of the convicts believe that the riots were provoked by the police.

Regular elections of the President of Russia will be held in March 2018, the campaign is supposed to start in December 2017.