The authorities of Khakassia said that the residents support criticism recluse Agafia

© RIA Novosti / Dmitry to Korobeynikova in photobacteria recluse Agafya Lykova. Archival photoThe authorities of Khakassia said that the residents support criticism recluse Agafia© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Korobeinikova to the photobank

The inhabitants of the Republic share the opinion of the head of Khakassia Victor Zimin about inappropriate costs on flights and visiting the reserve is a sheltered-starowiercy Agafia, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the head of the Republic Nikolay Denisov.

Viktor Zimin in the «straight line» on Tuesday, said that against the fact that aircraft land on the territory of the reserve, where he lives Agafya Lykov, since it violates the law, and also admitted that he is not a fan of it. In response, the government of Kuzbass, which are regularly sent to help Lykova, said he will continue to help the recluse.

«The Governor (head — ed) is consonant with the thousands of citizens who believe that the cost of logistics, flying, communications, aircraft impractical. The place where she lives, is located in the reserve, according to the Russian legislation it is impossible to conduct any economic activity and especially to organize tours with the help of heavy and aviation equipment,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

He noted that the head of Khakassia is a 3.5-hour direct line responded to nearly 50 questions from more than 700 submission. Of these, 40% were related to topics associated with the economy. People were interested in the prospect of large interregional projects with Krasnoyarsk Krai and Tuva.

«Energy, transport, roads, agriculture, the further development of the aluminium valley. The Governor is very thoroughly answered the question: can citizens of the Republic of Khakassia are expected to continue for Russia’s unique programs to support small villages. Alas, all of these topics one by his appearance off grandma Agatha. Yes, it is actually important. There were experts who, I think, first heard of Khakassia, but was able to place punctuation marks that were completely distorted the meaning of everything said about the hermit,» — said Denisov.

He noted that the Republic’s authorities help the grandmother Agafia throughout the year. The staff of the reserve, harvest firewood, help with housing repairs and solve other issues. Lykova also repeatedly offered to move to people, but she refused.

Agafya Lykova is the only surviving representative of the family conservatives have been found by geologists in 1978 in the Western Sayan mountains. The Lykov family lived in isolation since 1937, many years hermits tried to protect the family from the influence of the external environment, especially in relation to faith. When discovered by geologists in the taiga inhabitants were five: head of the family, Karp Lykov, the sons Savvin (45), Dimitri (age 36) and daughter Natalia (age 42), Agafya (34). In 1981, one after another, died, three of the children Savvin, Dmitry and Natalia, and in 1988 passed away father Lykov. Currently Agafya Lykova lives in the forest alone.