The diet of Latvia has allowed officials not to report their salaries

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae in fotoballoon the dome Cathedral in Riga in Latvia. Archival photoThe diet of Latvia has allowed officials not to report their salaries© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae the image Bank

The Parliament of Latvia adopted amendments to the law on organization of state administration, excluding the provision on the monthly publication of the salaries of officers, reports Sputnik Latvia.

The deputies acquainted with the experience of other European countries, came to the conclusion that there is nowhere information about employees ‘ salaries is not available as widely as in Latvia. Mostly countries publish such information without names and surnames, and information about individual members is available upon request.

The Commission of the Saeima public administration and local government asked the government to publish the salaries of officials once a year and give everyone information about the earnings of government authorities on request, after submission of the appropriate institution.

The amendments provide for the publication of information on salaries of officials and employees of state institutions in the order established by the law on remuneration of officials and employees of state and municipal institutions. But the final decision about how detailed information will be published from 1 January 2018, to be taken by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Initially, the Sejm adopted the rule that data on wages appear on the websites of state institutions with the names and surnames, but the President Raimonds Vejonis passed amendments for reconsideration, pointing to legal problems.
Earlier it was reported that the salaries of government Ministers and MPs are increased automatically, together with the average earnings of citizens. According to the present order, the salary of the Minister is calculated by multiplying average salary by a factor of 4.68. The salary of the Deputy of the diet is calculated according to the coefficient of 3.2.

So, the salary of the Premier of Marisa Kuchinskisa in 2018 is estimated to grow by 202 Euro 4 thousand 235 euros before taxes, salaries of other Ministers in 192 Euro 4 up to 20 million euros.