The Iraqi interior Ministry told about the use of informers from ISIS*

© 2017 AFP / Ahmad Al-Rubaye Car of the Iraqi army during the operation against the Islamic state (organization banned in Russia) in Mosul. Archival photoThe Iraqi interior Ministry told about the use of informers from ISIS*© 2017 AFP / Ahmad Al-Rubaye

The presence of informants from the terrorist group «Islamic state»* allows government troops to Iraq to control the attack, in advance of evacuating people and misinforming the grouping of the victims of the bombings, said in an interview with the Independent Iraqi interior Minister Mohammad Qasim al-Araji.

«We have people who work with ISIS* and agreed to work with us. IG* does not know about it, and we ensure that our informant was not disclosed,» — said al-Araji.

According to the Minister, sometimes the security forces of Iraq even paid for carrying the bomb car and can produce an explosion in the place that wanted to attack the militants. «We ask people to leave (the territory) and make an official statement about the number of victims,» he said.

As the Minister said, the likelihood that the militants will be able to arrange a large-scale explosion in Iraq, is very small because IG* no longer in control of cities and areas where the group could organize an attack and equip explosives of the militants.

«The main thing is that the Caliphate was broken. There is only one town of Rawa and the desert on the West of the country, where IG* is still holding the position,» said al-Araja.

«We have been cooperating with important members of the IG* families that help the security services,» — said the Minister, adding that I should contact the wife of one of the leaders of the group. «We pay her and keep the anonymity, but she’s doing it because he wants to protect his sons and to stay alive,» he said.

The joint operations command on Friday announced the start of the operation to release from Islamic state terrorists* of the County of Rawa in West Iraq’s Anbar province. Earlier it was reported, according to the coalition against IG under the leadership of USA, the terrorists have already lost 95% of the territory, which they last controlled in Syria and Iraq.

* Banned in Russia as a terrorist organization