The winemakers of Crimea and Tuscany agreed to establish a joint brand

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Logoneurotic wine from the Crimea and the Italian region of Tuscany have agreed on the creation of wine from the Crimean grapesThe winemakers of Crimea and Tuscany agreed to establish a joint brand© RIA Novosti / Alexandr Logunov

Wine producers from the Crimea and the Italian region of Tuscany has agreed to create a wine from Crimean grape varieties, which is to obtain an expert assessment of the Italian critics, and subsequently to appear on the Russian market.

The idea of a joint wine production came from the Crimean winemaker Valeria Zakharyin, together with the Italian scholar, author of wine guides Luca Maroni. In partners’in invited Ettore Falvo who owns one of the largest companies in the Apennines.

«After Falvo visited the Crimea, we had the idea to create a joint brand, which will be called Duos. We want to explain to our customers that in the Crimea has produced wines of world quality… Maroni for the first time gave an assessment of Russian wines and opens a separate section on your site,» — said RIA Novosti’in.

According to him, the Russian wine lovers an important external evaluation and international recognition, so the appearance of the Crimean wines on the Italian market and local exhibitions can give a boost to its promotion in Russia.

The manufacturer plans to create a blend of two or three grape varieties, which are considered «Saperavi» and «cepacia», and produce in the Crimea, the first batch of a few thousand bottles. Winemakers want to present the results in March at a wine fair in düsseldorf, and in may at the Russian exhibition «Prodexpo».

«The company, which is now the Crimean winemaking, very similar to the situation in Italy in the 1980s, Then we started there called «wine Renaissance». And Ettore Falvo was one of his chief protagonists, as he was able to restore a high historical status of the indigenous varieties of Italy in the world. Such a person will become a true guide for Zakharyin, whose goal is also to regain the former glory of the Crimean grapes,» said Maroni RIA Novosti.