Traffic accident in Mari El Republic took place not because of overtaking, confirmed by the experts

© Photo : courtesy of the Ministry of emergency Assertmodule of consequences of accident in Kilemarsky district, Republic of Mari ElTraffic accident in Mari El Republic took place not because of overtaking, confirmed by the experts© photo : courtesy of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia

Traffic accident in Mari El Republic, in which 15 people were killed, occurred not because of the overtaking, this is confirmed by the experts, said the head of the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of transport of the Russian Federation Viktor Basargin.

The accident cases were opened under articles about the services that do not meet safety requirements, and violation of traffic rules and operation of vehicles, entailed death of two and more persons. it is Noted that they are connected in one manufacture. Earlier it was reported that, according to preliminary data, the driver of the bus was trying to overtake, went into the oncoming lane, but to complete it were not in time and crashed into the truck, which was carrying about 40 cubic metres of timber.

«The tragedy was not the result of an incomplete overtaking maneuver of the vehicle. For this reason now the investigative bodies will finally determine whose fault or it’s some kind of road conditions have failed, any of the drivers made a mistake from the point of view of control of the vehicle … But the fact that it was not the result of overtaking, this is an obvious fact, and experts confirm this,» — said Basargin reporters in Yoshkar-Ola.

In turn, the head of the Mari El Republic Alexander Evstifeev noted that «the conclusions will result, but now we can say — it’s still the human factor, and not a state road.» According to him, on this stretch of road claims to open road no.

«It’s a straight stretch of road, and he, if not good, it is in a fairly good condition,» he said.

The collision of a van and truck with trailer occurred on Thursday at about 17: 30 GMT for approximately 64 kilometer of the highway «Yoshkar-Ola – Kozmodemyansk». According to the interior Ministry in the Mari El Republic, in result of road accident 15 persons were killed: the driver and the passengers of the bus. Among them is a child. Four other passengers were taken to hospitals in Yoshkar-Ola. In the Mari El Republic on November 17 declared a day of mourning for those killed in the accident.

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