Traffic in difficult weather conditions should be fixed by law, consider in the Federation Council

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite in photobacteria fog on the road. Archival photoTraffic in difficult weather conditions should be fixed by law, consider in the Federation Council© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite the image Bank

It is necessary to clearly prescribe in law the rules of driving in difficult weather conditions, when any traffic violations may lead to irreparable consequences; there is a particular responsibility on the drivers of passenger transport, told reporters Deputy head of the economic Committee of the Federation Council Valery Vasiliev.

The collision of a van and truck with trailer occurred on Thursday at about 17: 30 GMT approximately at the 64th kilometer of the highway Yoshkar-Ola — Kozmodemyansk. According to the interior Ministry in the Mari El Republic, in result of road accident 15 persons were killed: the driver and the passengers of the bus. Among them is a child. Four other passengers were taken to hospitals in Yoshkar-Ola, their condition doctors estimate as stably heavy. Friday, November 17, in the Mari El Republic declared a day of mourning.

The Republican interior Ministry also said that 41-year-old bus driver «Mercedes Sprinter», carrying out transportation on regular inter-municipal route Yoshkar-Ola – Yurino, in difficult weather conditions, according to preliminary data, lost control, went into oncoming traffic, where made collision with a road train consisting of a truck tractor Freightliner Century, carrying wood.

The Senator expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and wished a speedy recovery to the injured in the accident. He noted that it is too early to draw any conclusions, but about some systemic problems that exist within the country on the roads, we can talk now.

«It (the season) is always a difficult time on the roads. First of all, because we have a huge country with different climatic zones, but clear rules, when the region in which drivers have to change tires from summer to winter and Vice versa, and not spelled out, although it says a lot. Therefore, the first snowfall is always a time of a large number of accidents,» — said Vasilyev.

In addition, there is the problem of speed control is a very acute problem of our roads, and if in big cities this issue is largely resolved due to the huge number of cameras, in other regions of Russia, many drivers allow themselves to drive as they see fit, not observing the speed limit, said Vasilyev.

«Finally, according to preliminary data, the accident occurred during overtaking. Any driver knows that on roads where overtaking is carried out one lane alternately, in poor visibility in snow conditions it is extremely difficult to calculate the speed of oncoming traffic, and that becomes the reason for frequent accidents, including with fatal outcome,» — said the politician.

In such circumstances, he said, needed a special responsibility of drivers who are engaged in transportation of citizens: they need to minimize the risk that may occur as personally to the driver and his passengers.

It is therefore essential, according to Vasilyeva, «to prescribe all necessary restrictions for drivers on the roads», but, for obvious reasons, to fulfill these requirements you get used not at once.

«Often it takes years. And when this happens in our country, it will be possible to tell only after three to four years of practice. But it’s possible: just look at the situation on the roads in neighboring Finland, where the locals say that the rules for the weekend break only guests. Hence, a fundamentally different statistics of traffic accidents», — said the Senator.