In India eliminated the son of one of leaders of grouping «Lashkar-and-Taiba»*

© 2017 AFP / Tauseef MustafaВоенный patrol in India. Archival photoIn India eliminated the son of one of leaders of grouping «Lashkar-and-Taiba»*© 2017 AFP / Tauseef Mustafa

Indian security forces on Saturday eliminated six militants grouping «Lashkar-and-Taiba» (recognized as terrorist in Russia), including the son of one of the leaders of the group of Hafiz Abdul Rahman Makki, reports news Agency ANI.

A joint operation of the armed forces and police was held in the village of Cunderdin County Bandipora. Among the dead militants was the son of Owaid McKee, who also happens to be the nephew of one of the alleged organizers of the attacks in 2008 in Mumbai Zaki-ur-Rahman Lakhvi. In addition, during the operation killed a soldier of the Indian air force.

In the state of Jammu and Kashmir are active separatists campaigning for independence or accession to Pakistan. While in Kashmir between India and Pakistan has no official borders — the armies of the two States dividing line of control.

New Delhi has accused Pakistani authorities of supporting armed separatists, Islamabad denies these charges, saying that the Kashmiris themselves are fighting for their rights.

Indian and American authorities believe the grouping «Lashkar-and-Taiba»* responsible for the 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai that killed 166 people. In 2012 the US offered a reward of $ 2 million for assistance in the capture of Hafiz Abdul Rahman Makki.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia.