In Russia, every third diagnosis is wrong, said the expert

© Depositphotos / BiancoBlueВрач with x-ray. Archival photoIn Russia, every third diagnosis is wrong, said the expert© Depositphotos / BiancoBlue

Every fourth diagnosis in Russia is placed incorrectly, said a member of the Council of public organizations for protection of patients ‘rights under the Ministry of health of Russia, member of public Council for protection of patients’ rights at the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of health Nikolay Dronov.

«We examination of the quality (of medical care) is very necessary because we know that, according to our pathologists’ one in four diagnosed as the autopsy revealed, was raised wrong,» — said the drones at a press conference on Friday.

At the press conference were presented the results of the poll and the Center for social design «Platform» of the relation of citizens to the system of compulsory medical insurance. Among the most frequent problems respondents named insufficient level of professional training of doctors, as well as their shortage, long wait for medical care, the queues are in state and municipal medical institutions, insufficient quantity of seats and poor ventilation, the lack of hospitals with necessary equipment and medicines. Most of the respondents stated that these problems could be to solve the differential funding depending on the quality of the hospital services.

More than half of Russians surveyed believe that insurance should protect the rights of patients under medical errors and poor service, the head of Department on work with bodies of state power of socio-political studies of VTSIOM Kirill Rodin.