Mariinka 135th anniversary of Stravinsky will present the premiere of the ballet «Petrushka»

© RIA Novosti / Igor Samoilovite in fotobanka from the ballet Petrushka by the composer Igor Stravinsky for the Mariinsky theatre. Archival photoMariinka 135th anniversary of Stravinsky will present the premiere of the ballet «Petrushka»© RIA Novosti / Igor Samoilovite the image Bank

The first ballet premiere of the season at the Mariinsky theatre will be Petrushka with choreography by Vladimir Varnava. The show, timed to the 135th anniversary of Igor Stravinsky, will take place on 18 November at the Mariinsky-2.About it reported in a press-service of the theatre.

«When I wrote that music in front of me was the image of a toy dancer, suddenly, off the chain, his diabolical cascades of arpeggios brings out the patience of the orchestra in turn meets him at an alarming fanfare,» recalled Stravinsky about working on the ballet «Petrushka».

To the vision of the composer was joined by Alexander Benois, he was to write the libretto and to register the ballet. And only when the score was finished, Mikhail Fokine began creating choreography for the finished script.

The world premiere of «Petrushka» was held in Paris at «Russian ballet of Sergey Diaghilev» in 1911. Russian ballet came ten years later, it was restored by Leonid Leontiev and Alexander Benois. Later, this essay addressed composer: Maurice béjart, John Neumeier, Oleg Vinogradov.

At the Mariinsky theatre the Creator of the new reading «Parsley» became one of the sought-after young choreographers Vladimir Varnava.

«I love Petrushka Fokine. In my opinion, this is a brilliant ballet. It was important for me to keep the thread created in 1911 of the play, but it does not happen again: to borrow some things, but to rethink them relative to present day, finding cultural codes, stretching the strings to a modern audience,» — said on the eve of the premiere of Barnabas.

Together with the choreographer worked on the performance: set designer Galina Solodovnikova, lighting designer Igor Fomin and librettist Konstantin Fedorov.

The performance involves dancers: Alexander Sergeev, Vladimir Shklyarov, Jaroslav Baiborodin, David Saleev, Vasily Tkachenko, Tatiana Tkachenko, Zlata Elinic, Roman Belyakov, Yevgeny Deryabin, Yuri Smekalov.

Along with «Parsley» in one evening you will go another landmark for Stravinsky’s ballet «Heat-bird». The premiere performances will be held on 18, 19 November and 3 January.