On the beach in Yalta found an ancient tomb

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In Yalta on the beach at Cape Quarantine passerby accidentally discovered ancient Greek tomb Subplate at the end of IV – beginning of III century BC. This was reported by the press service of the city administration.

In the stone box with a length of 120 centimeters, lay the remains of the funerary inventory: astragalos (dice), two vessels and a small coin. The tomb is believed to archaeologists, belonged to a child. According to experts, it refers to the Kerkinitida ancient Greek city that existed from the middle of VI century BC on the West of the Crimean Peninsula on the site of present Yalta.

The city authorities said that earlier in this area have not found anything like. «More than two millennia ago the shore was much further than it is now, maybe something was left under water».

Previously, similar findings in Yalta met in the late 1970-ies: the construction of a cafe in Yalta found the site of the necropolis with two potowami graves.

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