SK still considers that the attack on passers-by in Surgut was not a terrorist attack

© Photo : Alexey Plaksin Surgut liquidated attacked with a knife at passers-by. 19 Aug 2017SK still considers that the attack on passers-by in Surgut was not a terrorist attack© Photo : Alexei Plaksin

The consequence while considers that the incident in Surgut, where a young man attacked passers-by with a knife, was not a terrorist attack, said the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin.

«You ask so or not. I’m very carefully saying — not yet, we have to see this… We’ll see and report back to the public what the qualifications will be finalized,» he said at a lecture for students of the law faculty of Moscow state University, answering the question whether the terrorist attack incident in Surgut.

The lecture was held in October, but a video was made public only on Friday Bastrykin on the page «Vkontakte».

The head of the UK noted that the consequence does not hurry to make conclusions, because the man who ran the Surgut with a knife, killed. «Belt it wasn’t a real model. Task — to intimidate, as it seemed to us at the moment», — said Bastrykin.

He noted that the investigation must identify all signs of the crime including intent, purpose, task. «Believe me, we have no purpose to hide something… We try very carefully to consider the acts of our suspects and accused persons. That is the time we look around and give the right skills,» concluded Bastrykin.

Attack on passers-by in the centre of Surgut took place on the afternoon of 19 August. In the incident, according to updated data, eight people were injured, seven were hospitalized. On the same day, one of the wounded was sent home. The attacker, a local resident born in 1998, while trying to arrest eliminated the police on the incident, investigators opened a criminal case on attempted murder.

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