Suburban emergency squad «Lisa Alert» will conduct joint training

© RIA Novosti / Faith Kostomarovskaja and rescue squad Lisa Alert. Archival photoSuburban emergency squad «Lisa Alert» will conduct joint training© RIA Novosti / Faith Kostamo

Suburban rescuers on Saturday to hold joint field exercises with the volunteers of the voluntary group «Lisa Alert», during which the practice of searching for missing people, told RIA Novosti press-service of the regional cupola MOE.

«In the village Gribovo Pushkin municipal district, on 18 November 2017 will be held joint field exercises of EMERCOM of Russia Moscow region, the Moscow regional fire-prevention rescue service and DPSO «Lisa Alert» to search for lost people in a natural environment», — stated in the message.

Training will be worked out two operations to rescue people lost in different circumstances. In the first case the troops should discover the person who recently lost in the woods and took her cell phone. The second target will be the older mushroom that has long walks in the woods with no means of communication, said the Agency.

Searchers and volunteers will also have to save the lost, who had thought to bring phones, but in the first embodiment, the left half of the charge, and the second man had time to call rescuers, and the connection with him.

«Participants search operations have to determine how you search to draw in case of need the aircraft and handlers, to work out several options of practical activities to search for in the natural environment, to prepare for possible scenarios, to competently perform an evacuation,» — said the press service of the Ministry.