The missing submarine: NASA has joined the search for the Argentine submarine

© AP Photo / Uncredited Submarine San Juan Navy of ArgentinaThe missing submarine: NASA has joined the search for the Argentine submarine© AP Photo / Uncredited

Off the coast of Argentina, the search continues fighting the submarine «San Juan», missing since October 15. In the rescue operation involved the Navy of Argentina, planes and helicopters, the help was offered to seven countries.

Do not get in touch

The submarine «San Juan» left the port of Ushuaia, where she participated in exercises with other ships and aircraft of the Navy, 13 Nov. Base in Mar del Plata she had to arrive early next week. But on the second day of the journey the submarine stopped communicating.

At this point, she was in the Gulf of San Jorge in 432 kilometers from the coast. According to Telam, the last communication with the submarine on October 15, at 7.30 am local time.

On Board there are 44 people.

In connection with the disappearance of the submarine defense Minister of Argentina Oscar Aguada interrupted his official visit to Canada. Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri said that the government contacted the relatives of the sailors and informed them about the incident.

«We share your concern and interests of all Argentines» — he wrote in Twitter.

Among the crew members is the first in the history of Argentina is a woman-submariner Eliana Maria Krawczyk. Her father, Eduardo Krawczyk, said that last spoke with her daughter the day of departure from the port of Ushuaia. According to him, she set sail about 15 days ago. When the submarine arrived at the Land of Fire, it was visited by the provincial Governor, who congratulated Krawczyk with the fact that she is a member of the crew.

«Let’s pray together so all of this is resolved,» said Krawczyk.

Had to emerge

Initially, the media reported that the submarine was able to find, but the defense Ministry refuted these reports.

According to the newspaper Clarín, on the submarine could have caused a fire or a technical failure, but the Argentine military did not confirm these versions. As stated by the representative of the Ministry of defense Enrique Balbi, previously it was known that the ship’s got a communication problem.

Balbi added that the crew should not experience a lack of oxygen because, according to the Protocol, in the event of any emergency on Board a boat needs to float. However, it is unknown whether it is driven or drifting. According to Balbi, food on the submarine will be enough for 15 days.

The submarine «San Juan» was built in Germany, the Navy of Argentina, the submarine entered in 1985. Length diesel submarines reaches 66 meters, it can reach speeds up to 25 knots. The ship may be under water up to two days, not rising to the surface.

The missing submarine: NASA has joined the search for the Argentine submarine
NASA to the rescue

In search of the submarines involved four aircraft, two corvettes, a destroyer, a few vertoletov and more than 500 people. According to Balbi, is able to survey 15 percent. Searches complicate the difficult weather conditions: a storm with wind gusts up to 90 kilometres per hour, heavy seas.

Help finding suggested that the United States, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, South Africa and the UK. President Macri agreed to accept it.

«We must use all national and international resources that will be needed for the detection of the submarine «San Juan» as soon as possible,» wrote Macri in his microblog on Twitter.

The quest attracted research aircraft, NASA P-3 Orion, which is based in Ushuaia and takes part in research in the Antarctic, a spokesman for the U.S. southern command, Jose Ruiz.

As explained by the portal ARS Technica, the us military has repeatedly attracted P-3 Orion to search for submarines. It equipment — magnetometers, infrared cameras, sensors for measuring the ice thickness — the ability to detect a submarine even when she sank.

In addition, the command of the US Navy were sent to help patrol aircraft Boeing P-8 Poseidon. American sailors are also ready to join the search, but wait for a request from Argentina added Ruiz. As has informed the edition a source in the Pentagon, the service support of submarine rescue operations, the Navy is preparing a team of specialists and equipment, including a submersible to rescue the sunken submarine Submarine Rescue Diving and Recompression System based in San Diego.

Operation IceBridge flights from Ushuaia over #Antarctica have been temporarily suspended as the NASA P-3 aircraft has joined the search for the missing Argentine navy submarine ARA San Juan @NASA_ICE @Armada_Arg

— The Antarctic Report (@AntarcticReport) 18 Nov 2017