The scientists said sexual harassment at work harm the health of

© Fotolia / AlexbrylovhkКонфликт at work. Archival photoThe scientists said sexual harassment at work harm the health of© Fotolia / Alexbrylovhk

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a common problem that can bear the harm, said the head of the American psychological Association Antonio Puente, his words are quoted by EurekAlert.

The expert referred to the findings of a study devoted to this problem, according to which the people affected by the harassment, the possible emergence of depression, food issues, addictions to drugs and alcohol, post-traumatic stress and lower levels of life satisfaction.

According to the study, women report harassment more often than men, but the latter are more prone to psychological problems. While the men in the army are faced with harassment ten times more often than in normal life, and only one in five dares to report it.

According to Puente, the basis of harassment in the workplace lies a hierarchical system of organization of labor and the situation in which complaints of harassment would not be tolerated in the leadership seriously. «Organizations should take the initiative in developing policies that prevent sexual harassment. Necessary procedures of report and educational programs for employees», — the expert concludes.

Recently in the United States and other Western countries sparked a number of large scandals involving rape and sexual harassment, in the midst of which are well-known figures of show business, film industry and politics.