Twelve dead in road accident in Mari El will be buried on Saturday

© RIA Novosti / MOE Opperate in fotoracconti of EMERCOM of Russia at the passenger van involved in an accident in Kilemarsky district, Republic of Mari El. 16 Nov 2017Twelve dead in road accident in Mari El will be buried on Saturday© RIA Novosti / MOE Opperate the image Bank

Twelve dead as a result of collision of minibus and truck in Mari El will be buried on Saturday, according to the authorities of the Republic.

The collision of a van and truck with trailer occurred on Thursday at about 17: 30 GMT approximately at the 64th kilometer of the highway Yoshkar-Ola — Kozmodemyansk. According to the interior Ministry in the Mari El Republic, in result of road accident 15 persons were killed: the driver and the passengers of the bus. Among them is a child. Four passengers taken to hospitals in Yoshkar-Ola. Later 14-year-old girl was transported for treatment in Kazan.

«The funeral of the victims of the accident… will be held on 18 and 19 November. Twelve people will be buried today, November 18, in the village of Yurino, the city of Kozmodemyansk, Mari district and the village Kilemary. Sunday, November 19, in the village Kilemary will be forgiven with three dead,» the message reads.

Funds for funerals are allocated from the budget of the Republic. Assistance to relatives in the delivery of the bodies to the burial place was provided by the heads of municipalities and villages in Mari El Republic. According to the report, «some unscrupulous funeral companies have attempted to use the situation to their advantage, putting the bill for their services to the families of the victims.» As explained in the regional Ministry of social development, the money to the relatives of the victims who paid the funeral agencies will reimburse. Relatives and friends of the victims will help in the collection of documents, including the receipt of insurance payments, and also in resolving legal and administrative issues. The head of the Mari El Republic Alexander Evstifeev has the situation under control.

Earlier it was reported that the head of the Republic instructed to calculate the amounts of lump sum payments and to assist the victims and families of victims in the accident. According to him, from the regional government the amount of compensation for relatives of the victims will be not less than 1 million rubles each. Victims who are in hospitals will receive not less than 400 thousand rubles.

In addition, according to data released by the all-Russian Union of insurers, Russian Union of motor insurers National Union of liability insurers, relatives of the dead passengers and the victims in the accident can get insurance payments — more than 2 million rubles. Thus, the total amount of compensation for the family of one of the deceased exceed 3 million rubles (including payments from the Republican budget and insurance payments). Injured in the accident insurance payments will be made depending on the severity of the injuries.

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