«United Russia» after the Congress will begin to run polyplectron in all regions

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in photosangelina before the Congress of the United Russia party in Moscow. Archival photo«United Russia» after the Congress will begin to run polyplectron in all regions© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite the image Bank

«United Russia» after the party Congress in December will begin to create in all Federal districts of party platforms in each of which there will be four — on the number of active platforms on the Federal level, said on Saturday, RIA Novosti Deputy Secretary of the General Council of United Russia Yevgeny Revenko.

The party Congress of United Russia will be held from 22 to 23 December in Moscow. Currently there are four party platforms: liberal, Patriotic, and social platform to support business initiatives. All platforms were restarted in April this year. Who was then the Secretary of the General Council EP Sergei Neverov said that the platforms will focus on the implementation of the program with which the party went to the polls.

«After the actual reboot in April of platforms, we have concentrated all their work on the Federal level, there was only Federal sites. Now we are actively discussing, and start actively after the Congress, we will put the work platforms at the regional level. When working at the Federal level will be launched on four platforms — mirroring scheme in each Federal district,» said Revenko.

He added that in every County and region in the discussion of the Federal agenda, there are regional specifics. «While we plan to do it at the Federal district level, to make it easier to administer. Then we will see where the region already, it might be needed, or we will we fix on Federal districts,» — said Deputy Secretary of General Council of United Russia.

In this case, said Sasha platform at the district level «will be linked to the formation of the new MKS (inter-regional coordinating Council — ed.) and synchronized with it.» «Since the formation of the new MKS, and platforms will be at the level of Federal districts, obviously, will need this process to synchronize,» concluded Sasha.

In accordance with the Charter of the EP, the Central bodies of the party organized intra-party discussion of its members, supporters on topical issues of development of the country and the development and improvement of the party, including through the formation and development of inner-party platforms.

At the meeting with journalists on 1 November Turchak said that he would propose to reform the system of interregional coordination councils of the party, so they were completely tied to Federal electoral districts. The work of political platforms, he said, should be projected at the Federal level, «at least on the level of inter-regional, County, and subsequently to the regions». Vertical platforms should also be built, said Turchak.