Week of Russian culture in Riyadh will conduct annually

CC BY-SA 4.0 / B. alotaby / Riyadh. Archival photoWeek of Russian culture in Riyadh will conduct annuallyCC BY-SA 4.0 / B. alotaby /

Week of Russian culture in Saudi Arabia and Arabic culture in Russia will be carried out on an annual basis, reported on Saturday, RIA Novosti the Minister of culture of Saudi Arabia Awad bin Saleh al-Awad.

«We talked about the potential of the week of Russian culture, cultural exchange, the translation of Russian literature into Arabic and Vice versa, bringing Arab culture to Russia. We agreed to spend these weeks on an annual basis, and to cooperate in Museum exchange and to bring works of culture of the Russian museums, including the Hermitage, in Saudi Arabia,» said al-Awad.

He explained that the same thing will happen with the Arab side in Russia. The Minister recalled that recently in Moscow hosted a week of Arab culture, to which the visitors showed great interest.

«So we decided to make these weeks more often and not only in Moscow but also in St.-Petersburg and other regions, as more people became acquainted with our art,» — said the Agency interlocutor.