At the international film festival in Goa will show six Russian films

© RIA Novosti / Artem Gianettino. Archival photoAt the international film festival in Goa will show six Russian films© RIA Novosti / Artem Zhitenev

Six Russian films will show out of competition at the 48th international film festival of Indian (IFFI), which begins on Monday in Goa.

Shows of Russian bands will be held in the framework of the third forum «Days of Russian cinema», which started in India on 10 November. Earlier at the forum for Russian films shown in Delhi and Mumbai.

The program of the festival, IFFI-48 will be presented films «Dislike», «28 Panfilov», «Burn!», «Hostages», «Distress», «Zhili-byli». According to the organizers of the «Days of Russian cinema», the painting will be presented by the performer of the title role in the film «Burn!» the actress Inga obadina, producer of the film «Anguish» Nikolai Yankin, Directors tape «28 Panfilov» Andrew Shalopa and Kim Druzhinin, and also worked on the movie «Hostage» the cameraman Vladislav opelyants, who also invited the jury.

According to the producer of «Days of Russian cinema» Maria Lemesheva, the organizers of the festival want to show the Russian cinema «in all its diversity – from historical to contemporary and animated paintings».

«I have no doubt that after watching our Prime Minister, the Indian audience will receive a new, comprehensive picture of Russia and its culture. This year’s program is the largest in three years of existence of the film forum, because we have included in the program of the Indian international film festival. It’s a great platform for professional contacts, so we are open to new connections, expansion of international relations and discussions of interesting ideas,» said Lemesheva.

The film festival «Days of Russian cinema» is held in India in 2015. This year the forum was first covered just three cities in India, including capital new Delhi. In the program of the forum included 12 new Russian cinema.