Authorities denied reports about the elite classes in the Rostov school

© Depositphotos / ArturVerkhovetskiyУченики in a class at school. Archival photoAuthorities denied reports about the elite classes in the Rostov school© Depositphotos / ArturVerkhovetskiy

The authorities denied the information about the elite classes with separate toilet in one of the schools of Rostov-on-don, is spoken in the message of the city administration.

Earlier in one of the most popular groups in Rostov in social networks there was a post, written on behalf of a pupil at one of the Rostov schools. It said that the school, in addition to classes with the letters «A», «B», «B», there is a class with the letter «e». According to the author of the post, in these grades, there are «elite» children, who enjoy the advantage over other students. In particular, they have a separate toilet and new textbooks. According to the author, studying in classes with the letter «a» is paid.

«In fact the presence in the school №96 «Eureka-Development» class additional surcharge to announce that all school have the same status of the enrolled children receive free education, stipulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation, – quotes the press-service of administration of the head of Department of education of Voroshilovsky district Irina Mikova.

Add that in 2013, the school «Evrika-Development», who was then the building of the former kindergarten, joined the secondary school №96.

Until the merger of educational institutions in the school «Evrika-Development» was defined as a class, mastering the curriculum of primary school of D. B. Elkonin and V. V. Davydov, the letter «e». In the reorganization programme of teaching letters classes have retained to ensure the continuity and the rights of students, emphasized in the administration.

«From the last school year by decision of the teaching staff of the letter «e» for newly recruited class was canceled. From 1 September 2017, the first classes in the school have a traditional numbering (1 A, 1 B, 1 «To» 1 «G»),» assured the mayor.

According to the administration, the classes with the letter «e» classes are «full day». In the second half the students will get a range of additional services (extracurricular activities, paid educational services). The students of these classes are in school until 18.00 GMT.

The authorities state that the entry fee for teaching in these classes does not exist. Receive paid educational services to children in all classes is voluntary and is carried out on the basis of contracts with parents.

As established during the inspection, the school has all student toilets on all floors. The toilets are in good condition, no holes in the floor, which was written by the author of the post, in the toilets there. Textbooks are purchased centrally for all classes, wear the same textbooks, emphasized in the administration.