FSUE «Protection» denied the protection of criminal authority

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in photoboxes people were injured as a result of fighting with shooting near the Moscow city complexFSUE «Protection» denied the protection of criminal authority© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye the image Bank

Employees FGUP «Protection» was guarding a crime boss in «Moscow-city», where the shooting occurred, the agreement on the protection of property was concluded with a legal entity, told RIA Novosti official representative of the company Valery Gribakin.

«Appeared in the media, including information related to the fact that the employees of the FSUE «Protection» was guarded by a citizen with a dark past, and perhaps present and future. No, not true this information is,» said Gribakin.

Brawl with shooting occurred late on Friday on the territory of «Moscow-city» after the altercation at the restaurant Crystal Ballroom in the tower «Eye». Injured six guards, including two employees of the FSUE «Protection» of Regardie. The attackers fled from the scene. Upon shooting criminal case about attempt at murder of two and more persons Reported the arrest of six people allegedly involved in the incident.

According to gribakina, the company provides a wide range of security services, but only for the protection of the apartment or property may be concluded with individuals, and on the day when the incident occurred, associated with the fire in «Moscow-city», the staff of FSUE ensure the safety of transported property — this service is only available to a legal entity.

«What is this organization, I can’t say it is a trade secret. But in any case, all organizations compulsorily checked. There is a filter: through the prism of economic security, through the prism of possible infiltration of criminals, through the prism of a particular founder of the organization,» added Gribakin, noting that the organization to which the services have been rendered, «is quite famous and has a great history».

In addition, Gribakin said that the staff of FSUE «Protection» of Regardie not have military and special ranks — they are in the status of employees and are not in the civil service.

As previously reported RIA Novosti source in law enforcement., the gunman used a traumatic weapon. According to the source, after the shooting, the attackers fled in a Maybach. Police announced the car wanted, and later was looking for a two — Toyota and Lexus, as it was assumed that they may be involved in the incident.