Holy offshore: secrets of the power of the Vatican Bank

© RIA Novosti / Oleg Elastokinematic in fotobanka staircase, Vatican MuseumHoly offshore: secrets of the power of the Vatican Bank© RIA Novosti / Oleg Elastokinematic in photovacation of Skripunov, for RIA Novosti

«Fabulous sums. The most influential people. Absolute anonymity» — this slogan could meet the Vatican Bank of its customers. But, as they say, money loves silence, and big money — a dead silence, so the Vatican Bank is one of the world’s most closed financial institutions. About the «global pod» of the Holy see — in the material RIA Novosti.

Mysterious Bishop

According to official data, the total assets of the Vatican Bank is 3.3 billion euros. This report is the third in the long history of the financial institution. The first was published in 2014 — then revealed that in just 12 months, the Bank has increased its profit in 26 times. It’s hard to know how much money was in his accounts in «lost period», which once again talking the other day, after a sensational statement by the Italian journalist Gianluigi Nutstsi. He, like anyone else, knows the Vatican «kitchen» inside.

«In the Vatican there are a unit people who interfere with the reformist activities of Pope Francis, as his time was with Pope Benedict XVI. This unit previously existed under the leadership of Bishop Paul Marcinkus» — says Nutstsi.
Roberto Calvi was accepted in all doors of the Vatican, for which he received the nickname «God’s banker of God». It was there that he found a partner and made a deal with him, which became fatal to him, — Marcinkus.

In the Middle ages the Vatican was perhaps the richest country in the world. The reason for this was the enormous authority of the Pope. The Holy see is not ashamed of his wealth, until came the reformation, greatly blow to his image. In the end the treasures of the Vatican have been available only to chosen people. And in the nineteenth century Pope Leo XIII ordered to place on the door of the secret archives is the inscription: «ye who enter here without special permission of the Holy father is subject to immediate excommunication from the Church.»

From the Vatican Bank has demanded to pay damages in the amount of fifteen billion dollars. But the deceived investors was only paid 240 million, and the IOR of the blow is gone. And all because he is not subject to the laws of Italy, outside anyone’s jurisdiction. The head of the Bank is the Pope.

Marcinkus has been Manager of the Bank until 1986 and managed to light up one dark. According to journalist Gianluigi, Nunzi, Bishop has managed to attract the largest contribution, the denial of which may lead to «the collapse of all financial institutions». Investor, according to him, was the famous mother Teresa.

According to Nanci, mother Teresa entered the Bank through the «auxiliary input». There she met personally marcinkus. Say thanks to close communication with the nun, he was able to «handle» a group of influential cardinals, to prevent the reform of the financial structure.

«A supranational structure»

In recent times there are conversations, not close at all if the Vatican Bank. They say that it is time for the Church to forget the Latin saying «Money does not smell». The reason for this was another major scandal that essentially crippled the influence of the Vatican bankers. In 2010, the head of the IOR, Ettore Tedeschi was arrested on suspicion of money laundering. Three years later, Pope Francis went to a revolutionary measure, for the first time in the history by installing an external audit of the IOR.

Although not long ago it was claimed that the German multi-millionaires prefer the Vatican Switzerland or Liechtenstein. The Catholic Church now feels like «a supranational structure», therefore, the activities of the Bank all in less dependent on businessmen. And Pope Francis has removed those cardinals, «which interfered with activities of the Church.»

However, defeated the bankers are ready to take revenge on her abuser. In September, prominent Catholic theologians and priests proposed to dismiss Pope Francis for his reforms. Under the document, accused the Pontiff of heresy, was signed, and Tedeschi. It is unknown if realized dad’s a hint: the money of the Vatican Bank is like the silence and no one is allowed to break it. Even the vicar of God on Earth.