In Crimea, found ancient Greek tomb of a child

© Fotolia / KrugloffАрхеологические excavations. Archival photoIn Crimea, found ancient Greek tomb of a child© Fotolia / Krugloff

In Evpatoria on one of the beaches found Subplate ancient Greek tomb, archaeologists suggest that this burial of a child, said Deputy Director on scientific work of the Yevpatoriya Museum of local lore Lyudmila Dubinina.

The find was discovered by a passerby, who saw in the sand of one of the Central beaches in the town of big stone slabs. Then said archaeologists. More careful examination has established that we are talking about man-made stone box with a length of 1.2 meters.

«Subplate discovered ancient Greek tomb at the end of IV – beginning of III century BC», — quotes the words Dubinina press service of Evpatoria city Council.

According to experts, the grave refers to the Kerkinitida ancient Greek city that existed from the middle of VI century BC on the West of the Crimean Peninsula on the site of present Yalta.

In the stone box were found the remains of the funerary inventory: astragalos (dice), two vessels and a small coin.

«Found a great piece, not often there are such findings,» – said Dubinin.

Archaeologists suggest that it was the burial of a child. Unusual finds in the fact that this area had not previously found anything like that. More than two millennia ago the shore was much farther away, so it is possible that new artifacts are under water.

Previously, similar findings in Yevpatoriya was made in the late 70-ies of the last century.