In the Crimea rejected the proposal by Yavlinsky on the second referendum

© RIA Novosti / Michael Microchimeric in fotobanka. Archival photoIn the Crimea rejected the proposal by Yavlinsky on the second referendum© RIA Novosti / Michael Microchimeric the image Bank

To hold a second referendum on the status of Crimea is meaningless, the Crimeans don’t need to prove anything to anyone, told RIA Novosti Vice-speaker of Crimean Parliament Remzi Ilyasov.

Earlier, one of the founders of the party «Yabloko» Grigory Yavlinsky said that as a future candidate in presidents of Russia stands for the organization of an international conference and a new referendum on the question of ownership of the Crimea to the Crimeans «voted in a normal referendum, which is recognized all over the world.»

«A new referendum is not necessary and pointless. The more that we get the same result. Today it is necessary to defend the choice of the Crimean people, not someone with something to prove. The referendum, held in March, more than proved the will and desire of the Crimeans to live in Russia,» said Ilyasov.

The Vice-speaker stressed that the proposal by Yavlinsky looks like «phrase-mongering and playing on people’s feelings,» and added that it is strange to hear such ideas from the Russian politics, which delves into the events on the Peninsula does not wish to visit the Crimea.

«Before you speak is, it is necessary first to come and watch as Crimea is developing and how to solve all the problems. We have repeatedly said that the Crimean referendum was in accordance with the norms of international law», — said Ilyasov.

Crimea became Russian after held there in March 2014 referendum in which more than 95% of the inhabitants of the Peninsula voted for joining Russia. Ukraine still considers Crimea its but temporarily occupied territory.

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