In the United States found the evidence linking Jack ruby with the murder of Kennedy

© Photo : public domainДжон Kennedy and his wife at the airport in Dallas shortly before the murderIn the United States found the evidence linking Jack ruby with the murder of Kennedy© Photo : public domain

Jack ruby, who shot Lee Harvey Oswald — the chief suspect in the case of Kennedy — could know in advance about the assassination of the 35th President of the United States. This is evidenced by the documents published on the website of the National archives of the United States.

A political scientist from the University of Virginia’s Larry Sabato has been paying attention to the testimony of the FBI informant Bob Vanderslice. He told investigators that several hours before Kennedy’s assassination, Jack ruby contacted him and offered to go in the presidential parade, «see the fireworks».

«At the beginning of the shooting, he (the informant. — Approx. ed.) was with Jack ruby: they stood on the corner of the building face the Texas school book Depository. Immediately after the shooting, ruby left and headed towards the building of the Dallas Morning News», — stated in the documents.

According to Vanderslice, to assassinate the President they and ruby were almost not familiar with.

The information the informant gave the investigation only 14 years later after the Kennedy assassination in April 1977.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed in Dallas (Texas) on November 22, 1963. According to the official, the offender alone was former marine Lee Harvey Oswald. Two days later, Oswald was shot and killed in the Dallas police station by Jack ruby at that time when he was taken out of the building to be sent to Federal prison.

Earlier, the national archives, the U.S. released another batch of almost 11 thousand documents related to the Kennedy assassination. The present publication is the fifth in a row. Just released, more than 20.5 thousand case files.