Juncker said the situation in Catalonia disaster

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In Catalonia there is a catastrophic situation, Europe will never get in the Barcelona side in its conflict with Madrid, said in an interview with the newspaper El País European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

«Catalunya is a big, huge concern. I don’t like the situation is a disaster. In a lot of ways. She had heated political atmosphere, led to a split in Spanish society and in the Catalan – has created problems in families, among friends. It’s sad. Never supposed to happen,» said Juncker.

He cited the statement of former French President Francois Mitterrand (President of France from 1981 to 1995), who said that nationalist impulses in Europe involve the war.

«This does not mean that in Catalonia the war begins. History teaches us that it is not necessary to cultivate regional whims and to oppose their national identity. It is not the form with which we have to fight for their own identity. In addition, what happened in Catalonia ignores the historical moment. Europe is a small continent. It loses its impact. The demographics are not growing rapidly. She comes from a big crisis», — said the politician.The European Commission President noted that the former head of Generalitat (government) Carles Putteman was mistaken in thinking that Europe will support it. «We don’t do that. There is no government in the European Union, which will support what happened in Catalonia after October 1″. He called on Catalan politicians advocating independence to take into account the broad support for Rajoy in Europe.»

«Outside Europe ask me, is Spain in a state of decay: split the country in two. I say no, the majority of Spaniards are against the independence (Catalonia), even in Catalonia is not clear what is the most», said Juncker.

In his opinion, you can discuss the degree of autonomy of Catalonia, but «Europe is a club of Nations.» «I do not accept that the regions are going against Nations. Moreover, when operate outside the law,» — said the President of the European Commission.

According to the results of the referendum held on 1 October, the Parliament of Catalonia adopted a resolution on independence. In response, the Spanish Senate approved the introduction of direct rule of the Spanish authorities in the Autonomous community. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced the suspension from office of members of the government of the autonomy, including the head of the Carles Pokdemon, the dissolution of the Parliament of the Autonomous community and the holding of early elections in Catalonia on December 21.

Judge of the National court of Spain on 2 November ordered to put up to consideration of the merits in custody without the right of bail eight former members of the government of Catalonia, including the former Deputy head of Generalitat Oriola of Junkers. The next day she issued a warrant for the arrest Pokdemon and other former members of the Catalan government, located in Brussels.Juncker said the situation in Catalonia disasterThe confrontation between Madrid and Barcelona