Media: Mugabe met with the heads of the police and the armed forces of Zimbabwe

© RIA Novosti / Arsene Suleimanovych for the resignation of President Mugabe in Zimbabwe. 18 Nov 2017Media: Mugabe met with the heads of the police and the armed forces of Zimbabwe© RIA Novosti / Arsen Suleimanov

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe on Sunday was found at his residence in Harare with the chief of police and representatives of the armed forces of the country, reports local newspaper the Herald Zimbabwe.

On the newspaper’s website are photos of the meetings at which the President shakes hands with generals. In the meeting participated, in particular, the chief Commissioner of police Augustine, Chihuri, the chief Commissioner of prisons and correctional services Paradzai Zimondi and chief of staff of the army Constantine Chiwenga.

Earlier it was reported that this was the second meeting of the President with the command of the armed forces in recent years, the previous was held on Thursday. Details of the new meeting, the newspaper does not.

On Wednesday, the military took control of the television station in the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare, and the residence of President Robert Mugabe. Mugabe in a telephone conversation with his counterpart of South Africa Jacob Zuma confirmed that the military is holding him under house arrest. It was also reported that the wife and probable successor of President grace Mugabe fled the country, and dismissed Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa has returned to the capital to lead the government.

Of the Central Committee of the ruling party ZANU PF at a special meeting removed Mugabe from the post of first Secretary of the party and urged him to noon of Monday, 20 November to retire. The resolution ZANU PF says that if 93-year-old Mugabe did not do this, then the party initiating the impeachment process. According to the decision of the Central Committee, the President’s wife grace Mugabe removed from all party posts.

As passed earlier, the RIA Novosti correspondent in Harare remains calm, periodically meet military patrols and armored cars, the streets near the government agencies blocked.