Navy of Argentina spoke about the signals from the missing submarine

© AFP 2017 / Telam/Alejandro MoritzАргентинская submarine San Juan. Archival photoNavy of Argentina spoke about the signals from the missing submarine© AFP 2017 / Telam/Alejandro Moritz

Representatives of the naval forces of Argentina announced the receipt of seven signals that might have come with the lost of the submarine «San Juan». It is noted that to establish contact with the sailors failed.

Satellite signals with duration from 4 to 36 seconds, taken from 10.52 (16.52 GMT Saturday) to 15.42 (21.42 GMT Saturday) different bases of the Navy.

International operation

Combat submarine «San Juan» has ceased to leave on communication on Wednesday, November 15, on the way from the port of Ushuaia, where he took part in the exercises, in the city of Mar del Plata at this moment the submarine was in the 432 miles from shore. On Board were 44 crew members.

Willingness to help in the search for missing submarine expressed seven countries, including the USA, UK and Chile. President Mauricio Macri has agreed to accept international assistance. «We must use all national and international resources that will be needed to detect the submarine «San Juan» as soon as possible,» wrote Macri on his Twitter.

The search operation involving the Navy, airplanes and helicopters of Argentina, has joined the aircraft P-8A United States Navy, as well as a P-3 belonging to the U.S. space Agency NASA. On Board sensors for measuring ice thickness, an infrared camera, magnetometer. The aircraft is able to detect a submarine even when she sank. The search area is sent a British ship.

American sailors are also ready to join the search, but wait for a request from Argentina.

The time is

The representative of the Ministry of defense of Argentina Enrique Balbi said that the crew of the submarine should not feel the lack of oxygen, because under the Protocol, in the event of any emergency on Board a boat needs to rise to the surface. At the moment it is unknown whether it is driven or drifting. According to the military, the reserves on the submarine will be enough for 15 days.

According to the newspaper Clarín, on the submarine could have caused a fire or a technical failure. Earlier, the Ministry of defense of Argentina recognized that the communication problems on the submarine were known before the incident.

The submarine «San Juan» was built in Germany, the composition of the naval forces of Argentina submarine came in 1985. Length diesel submarine is 66 meters, it can reach speeds up to 25 knots. The ship may be under water up to two days, not rising to the surface.