Russia — what you eat: vladimirec create a gastronomic map of the country

© Photo : Catherine Organoleptic Gastronomic map of RussiaRussia — what you eat: vladimirec create a gastronomic map of the country© Photo : Ekaterina Morgunova

Residents of the Vladimir region to offer the «conquer the world» with dishes of national cuisines of the peoples of the Russian Federation. For this they invented among the 9 regions involved in the development of the Gastronomic map of Russia, which will celebrate the best restaurants features dishes that transcend the specific cuisine of each of the Russian regions.

City of the 2018 world Cup priority

«This is a map that marked the industrial, culinary and agritourism – everything connected with the manufacture of the product and cooking the regional cuisine. The map will be available at the national tourist portal of tourism», — says the head of the project «Gastronomic map of the Vladimir region», coordinator of the national project «Gastronomic map of Russia» Ekaterina Shapovalova.

According to her, the list of objects for the map defines a region, selecting industry leaders, based on a professional assessment and evaluation of world-known aggregators TripAdvisor and others. «A professional evaluation can be given by representatives of the Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers and the Association of chefs of Russia. These are the main industry organizations that have the mandate and the moral right to assess the restaurant business. In addition, there are carexpert, representatives of the Federal tourism Agency, who are also involved in objective assessment. The important role played by people’s ratings, which are determined by the intensity of reservation objects» — listed Shapovalova.

She said that now the project is still at an early stage, so far launched only in 10 regions of the 85 – in Ulyanovsk, Vladimir, Rostov, Kostroma, Samara, Tula regions and in the republics of Tatarstan, Udmurtia, Mordovia, Krasnodar territory. «Five of these regions – the regions that will host the world Cup. And now our main task is to cover all 11 regions of the world Championships. In the Krasnodar territory will be issued a catalog with a map, which will indicate the objects of gastronomic tourism», — said Shapovalov.

She noted that the drafters of the cards interact with the regions on a voluntary basis, that is, the initiative must come from the subject of the Russian Federation. «No one to force anyone not going. The first regions were the initiators of the participation in the project. A launching pad was the Vladimir region, where the developed methodology, tested all the formats,» said the coordinator.

At first glance, the task of the drafters of the gastro card simple – to create a list of restaurants with national cuisine. However, according to the author of the project Suzdal businessman Igor Center, the map idea is much deeper and wider.

«Today, Russia has understood that gastronomy is soft, but the real force in the world. We see how other countries are using this power «capture» our country. It’s a Burger, pizza and more is a policy. And Russia has realized that having our cuisine with its own traditions and culture, we can similarly apply to other countries,» — said Kekhter.

It sure the absorption of food is not just a physiological process, and prefers even banal trek to the store for groceries to be perceived as a kind gastronomic journey.

«When you eat, if you apply it correctly, in the right city in the right place, and you tell the recipe, it is the history of this place and the history of the country,» said Kekhter. By the way, your page in the gastronomic history of Russia Kekhter entered, releasing the encyclopedia’s own recipes tinctures.

And then the sanctions have played

Discussing the modern state of the restaurant business, Shapovalov recalled that in the last 20 years, the Russians ate mostly Western product, studied their technology, have been focused mainly on holiday abroad.

«In 2014, something happened, what happened, and finally we have decided to develop domestic and inbound tourism. Without gastronomy is impossible. And it became clear that cuisine and gastronomy require special development. And chef restaurants realize that tourists need to develop a separate tasting menu containing iconic regional dishes that tell about the history and culture of this place. And then it turned out that we should really dig deep. It turned out that many products that are included in ancient recipes, are simply not there,» she stated.

According to her, having lost part of the components of the recipes, the chefs have to invent a new one. «For example, Maxim Rybakov finally baked the bun. From that moment began a good story of the gingerbread man. It is made from potatoes stuffed with corned beef from Vladimir geese», — said Shapovalov.

In the red Book of flavors

Suzdal is a farmer and a scientist, as jokingly called his colleagues «the main Guseva country,» Paul Devyatov dedicated to preserving endangered breeds of geese. According to him, in the Red book of flavors, in addition to directly Vladimir goose listed 11 products of the region.

«Fuck Suzdal, Suzdal cucumber, onion Mstiora, cucumber Murom, Navaginskaya Rowan, Vladimir cherry and other products have been listed in the Red book of flavors. Most of all it included products from the Vladimir region – about 12 items. Just with all Russian listed 86 items. Basically it serves the small peoples of the North,» said Devyatov.

«There are also listed Vladimir goose Kholmogorskaya goose and some dishes, like Suzdal sbiten, pickled apples. By the way, now to find a real Antonovka hard. I even called comrades from Belarus – was looking for real Antonovka», — said Guseva, emphasizing that food should be delicious, not through the use of various chemical additives, but only due to the natural qualities.

«In the Gastronomic map of the Vladimir region we have tried to link farmers and restaurateurs. In addition, we try to neutralize the antagonism between large producers and farmers in order to avoid speculations that farm products are better or Vice versa. We hope that our practice of work on the map will be replicated, joining the interests of the regional administrations, municipal bodies, businesses, restaurateurs, farmers,» — said Shapovalov.

© Photo : the account «Gastronomic route» in the network FacebookАвтор the idea of «Gastronomic map of Vladimir region» Igor Kekhter and project coordinator Ekaterina Shapovalova Russia — what you eat: vladimirec create a gastronomic map of the country© Photo : the account «Gastronomic route» in the network FacebookАвтор the idea of «Gastronomic map of Vladimir region» Igor Kekhter and project coordinator Ekaterina Shapovalova